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All previous yoga classes in Ramsgate are now part of Online Membership 


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ONLINE SANCTUARY – a place of refuge and a safe haven for conscious busy women. 


A place where you can nourish your SOUL 


Here you can pause and come back home within to re-connect with your body and it’s wisdom.

You can practice embodied mindful yoga to build a sense of stability, grounding and empowerment

You can slow down with yin and somatic yoga classes to rest and self-nurture in a quiet space within you.

You can practice mindfulness and embodied meditations to calm your mind, nurture clarity, creativity and connect with your purpose. 

You can use pranayama (breathwork) to experience a healing power of breath to rebalance and switch off stress response in your body.

You learn how to let go and unwind with Embodied Listening and guided practices to relax, recharge and renew for deep rest and sleep. 

You can release tension in your body with Thai Yoga Massage therapy and myo-fascial release and create more ease and flow.



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A library of over 100 recorded sessions including live zoom Embodied Mindful Yoga, Yin Yoga and Mindfulness, meditations, short yoga and movement sessions – available to you straight away when you join the membership. 

> A FOCUS/THEME for each month.

Develop a daily habit connecting within by practicing yoga that is aligned with your current needs, makes you feel stable, grounded and empowered in your body, and creates an inner mental and emotional stability helping you deal with and accepting change. 

Pdf resources, meditations and videos and monthly LIVE ZOOM MASTERMIND coaching session on Wednesdays.


  • Embodied Mindful Yoga for Wellness –  Monday 6.30pm – 7.45pm

  • Yin Yoga + Mindfulness for Wellness  –  Wednesday 9.15am – 10.30am

  • Embodied Mindful & Somatic Yoga for Wellness  – First Saturday of each month 8.45am – 10.00am

All classes are suitable for complete beginners as well as more experienced practitioners. They are designed to help you re-connect with your body and it’s wisdom, experience calm and build confidence. ALL BODY SIZES, SHAPES AND ABILITIES WELCOME. 

Each session is recorded (with view of me only) and shared in shared in our private membership Facebook group. Later all videos will be uploaded to private Youtube playlist. 

> SHORT LIVE and PRE-RECORDED SESSIONS our private Facebook group:

  • Monday 8am – FB Live and recorded Monday Morning Meditation sessions 
  • Thursday 9am – FB Live and recorded yoga, somatic movement and pranayama sessions 

All sessions are shared in FB group for you to access at any time.


Recorded practices to teach you self-massage and myo-fascial release techniques to help you release tension from body. 


Live call with coaching and support to help you integrate the theme of each month and time for you to ask any questions you might have. 

> MONTHLY EMAIL with all links and schedule 

Monthly email straight to your inbox to update you with what’s on in the membership that month and help you easily access all material available in our membership. 


Because of my experience of 20 years of supporting individuals and families with Trauma, Mental Health, Addictions and other challenges – I will be using my years of experience and knowledge to support you through those challenging times. 


Online Yoga and Wellness Sanctuary membership is CURRENTLY CLOSED. 

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Here is what my clients say about working with me online: 

‘I have taken part in some one 2 one sessions with Aneta, along with a current online course – Thrive with Body Wisdom for Busy Women who Do Too Much. I loved the one 2 one sessions as they were personal & nourishing, but wasn’t sure how I would get on with the online course which takes more focus and commitment. We are now four weeks into the course and I have surprised myself at how much I am enjoying tuning in and absorbing the information and sessions with Aneta & the group. Now I don’t want it to end!! Thank you x’

Linda Bennis

“I was really sceptical about online yoga sessions as I really like Aneta’s in-person private sessions, especially when she uses her Thai Yoga Massage skills. I was very pleasantly surprised – it felt as if Aneta was with me in my living room! None of the quality of connection and depth of practice were lost. I really enjoyed it and would recommend it highly.’

Aga Prokop

.For more testimonials from my students: >>> CLICK HERE <<<


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And if you feel like you would benefit more from learning and practicing yoga, mindfulness and somatic and functional movement in private sessions then >> CLICK HERE for more info <<

Or if you’d like to learn practices to help you take your wellness and health then check out: my 3-month Yoga + Body Wisdom Coaching Programme, an in-depth holistic wellness programme designed to help you feel empowered about your wellbeing and life. It focuses on building aligned self-care habits to help you live your life with more empowerment, vitality and ease. It brings together the old wisdom of yogic traditions and western psychological approaches to help you create soulful self-care to connect with a deep sense of integrity. >>> CLICK HERE for more info <<


My style of teaching:

I teach Yoga with focus on embodiment, breath and present moment experience.

It’s about living more fully in your body, finding more ease and moving without pain, struggle or forcing. It’s about connecting and opening to our vitality and a sense of being fully alive.

When we slow down and bring our mindful embodied awareness within our bodies and our practice becomes a joyful exploration and an inner enquiry. We can learn so much about ourselves on the mat – how we show up for ourselves and our habitual ways of doing things. Over period of time our practice and what we learn spreads into every aspect of our lives – on and off the mat.

Over the past 11 years I’ve taught over 5000 hours. Combine that with 28 years of personal practice and countless trainings and courses and being a book worm – I bring together a unique blend of embodied mindful teaching.

My training and teaching includes embodied mindful yoga and meditation, yin yoga, restorative yoga, gentle somatic movement and functional movement.


Embodied Mindful Yoga Classes  (beginners + all levels) 

Each session starts with Embodied Mindfulness Meditation practice while you lie down on your back in Savasana (corpse pose). Class consists of slow flowing sequences with mindful and somatic movement with focus on breath, embodiment and present experience; inspired by ‘Real yoga for real people’ principle. 

Our slow mindful yoga with focus on breath and embodiment helps us to slow down and switch off our stress response. And the same time strengthen your body at slow incremental pace.

Benefits of embodied mindful yoga:
• improves energy, especially when you’re fatigued
• reduces pain and chronic tension in the body
• reduces depression and low feelings
• helps calm the mind – reduces anxiety and hyperalertness
• nourishes your digestive system as nervous system switches into ‘rest & digest’ response
• improves chronic conditions and strengthens the body 

These practices help us learn how to live an embodied life and thrive with calm and ease, and become more resilient in our busy world.

The class ends with restorative poses to bring healing and regeneration. Suitable for complete beginners and advanced practitioners.  

Somatic & Yin Yoga + Mindfulness Classes  (beginners + all levels)

Each session starts with Embodied Mindfulness Meditation practice while you lie down on your back in Savasana (corpse pose).

Yin yoga is a meditative physical asana practice that focuses on stimulating the meridians, which are energetic pathways in the body. All poses are done sitting down or lying down. We will stay in the poses up to 6 minutes, practicing mindful awareness, connecting with breath and softening into the experience.

Yin yoga is great for: 
• for slowing down and turning inward to our inner experience – often called ‘a quiet practice’
• deeply introspective
• helps to regulate body’s flow of energy
• revitalises body’s connective tissues
• helps calm the mind
• teaches self-compassion and self-acceptance through sitting with sensations and emotions 

We use the props where needed to support your practice. Suitable for complete beginners and advance practitioners. 


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