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Podcast Aneta Idczak, Podcast Through a trauma-informed Lens - Soma, Psyche and Soul

Hello and welcome to my podcast: Through a trauma informed lensSoma, psyche and soul.

This podcast is for you if you are a heart-centred practitioner – a coach, yoga teacher or therapist, healer, holistic wellness practitioner, or bodyworker – who works or wants to work with clients in a more trauma-informed and somatic way.

In this podcast we are going to explore how we can connect with and support others from a more compassionate, embodied and whole person and system approach, in a way that includes the wholeness of our and our client’s felt experience – that includes our soma, psyche and soul, and within the context of being part of the richness of life itself.

I will be sharing with you here somatic practices and tools that I teach in our trauma-informed somatic teacher and coach training certifications, and I will be speaking with other practitioners who are on a mission to create safer spaces and make a real positive impact within their communities and the world.

I hope you will join me in this conversation.  


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#024 Embracing a Trauma-Informed Approach: Transforming Your Business Practices

In this podcast episode “Embracing a Trauma-Informed Approach: Transforming Your Business Practices”, I explore a strange phenomena I observed over the past decade of mentoring and coaching conscientious practitioners, and I invite you to reflect on your business practices. Is your business model and structure built on your own personal definition of success? Is your business truly sustainable and nervous system friendly?

I share with you my insights and how they impacted my business, and my plans for next year. I introduce you to a new approach to fostering a business environment that is both nurturing and effective, using an embodied, gentle and nervous system-friendly marketing approach. And how through the process of creating small collaborative, co-regulated, compassionate, and supportive communities, we can finally give ourselves permission to practice what we preach within our business, and make an impact within our communities and our own lives.

You can find more information about The Embodied Business Mandala™ Mentorship here: ⁠http://www.anetai.co.uk/embodied-business-mandala-mentorship

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#023 Conversation with Shulamit Ber Levtov: Speaking about Being a Woman Business Owner and It’s Impact on Our Mental Health

In this podcast episode I had the pleasure of talking with Shulamit Ber Levtov. We chat about the challenges of being a woman business owner and the impact of business on our mental health.

Shulamit (she/her) is the Entrepreneurs’ Therapist. She works with women business owners to care for their mental and emotional wellbeing and their money psychology in an era of relentless stressors that can make you want to lose your crap on the daily.

She is also a certified facilitator of the Trauma of Money method and supports her clients to address their money psychology so that they can have a flourishing relationship with the money in their businesses and lives.

Shulamit has been an entrepreneur for over 27 years and has more than 22 years of professional experience in the field of mental health and personal growth. Shulamit also teaches in private and university business programs and speaks locally, nationally and internationally about mental health, money and entrepreneurship.

As an award-winning entrepreneur, masters-level, licensed trauma therapist and trauma survivor, with certifications in Brené Brown’s Dare To Lead™ methodology, Nonviolent Communication and Yoga, Shula brings a unique perspective and approach to supporting women in business.

You can find out more info about Shulamit’s work via her website: ⁠https://www.shula.ca/

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#022 The Difference between 80-Hr Trauma-informed Yoga TT and 160-Hr Trauma-informed Somatic Teacher & Coach for Women Certification

In this podcast episode “The Difference between 80-Hr Trauma-informed Yoga TT and 160-Hr Trauma-informed Somatic Teacher & Coach for Women Certification”, I answer a question I’ve been asked a lot over the past few months. To help you understand the difference between those two trainings I explore the history and intention behind creating both training certifications, who they are best for, and what to consider when deciding which training is right for you.

I hope you will find it helpful if you are considering training with us at Golden Mandala Yoga-Soma Institute. I look forward to connecting with you soon.

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#021 Conversation with Ron de Brito: Speaking about embracing our vulnerability, finding our voice and showing up fully for ourselves and others

In this podcast episode I had the pleasure of talking with Ron de Brito. We chat about the power of being in a relationship with our vulnerability and simplicity, showing up fully as ourselves and finding our voice, and living in connection with nature and others.

Ron de Brito is a Powerful Embodied Peace Coach and Non-violent Communication and Embodiment Facilitator. Ron was born in London to African/ Indian Trinidadian parents and attended Grammar School in Finchley, North London. She is a Certified Facilitator of Radical Wholeness and Embodied Presence, an Empowerment and Compassion Coach, Nonviolent Communication Facilitator and I hold Grief Circles. 

Ron is passionate about helping discover all that’s alive within us in relationship with the world. Our sensitivity and vulnerability connect us to vitality of feeling human experience dulled by our culture. When we meet lovingly the parts of ourselves that have been hidden or dismissed, in alignment with our grounded and spacious awareness, we can become empowered to show up in the world in our truths, in radical authenticity and fullness. In this way we can change what’s around us and grow more love.

Ron is a former secondary schoolteacher, research biochemist, children’s tutor and a mother. She is in love with aliveness and being a vast and humble being connected to everything in a vibrant interconnected universe.

You can find out more info about Ron’s work via her website: ⁠https://www.rondebrito.co.uk/

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#020 Befriending Your Nervous System: A Game Changer for Practitioners

In this podcast episode “Befriending Your Nervous System: A Game Changer for Practitioners” I explore the critical importance of understanding the human nervous system for any practitioner.

As a practitioner your ability to create a safe enough space to facilitate learning, growth and healing for your clients and students depends on your own physiology and nervous system state. Understanding your own nervous system’s conditioned reactions, your triggers and your needs – as well as ways of taking care of yourself and your needs is a game changer.

Today I want to invite you to take time to reflect on what currently works for you and what doesn’t in the way you approach your self-care and your work, and follow your own wisdom in choosing how you work and hold space for others. 

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#019 Conversation with Isabelle Griffith: Embracing Embodied Feminine Leadership

In this podcast episode I had the pleasure of talking with Isabelle Griffith. We chat about Isabelle’s journey from burnout to embodiment, the challenges of embracing the role as a leader, and her vision for creating an embodied feminine leadership movement.

Isabelle is the Founder of The School Of Somatic Leadership For Women™, a Somatic and Embodied Feminine Leadership Coach and Trainer for women and practitioners working with women.

As a Somatic and Embodied Feminine Leadership coach and trainer, her life’s work is to help women break the internalised narratives that are keeping them feeling stressed, burnt out, doubting themselves and playing small. She helps women to embrace more fully who they are, their potential and the imprint they desire to leave within their families, communities, and workplace.

Isabelle founded her coaching practice in 2017, after spending 20 years in the corporate world. Her doorway into this work was a severe burnout. While it shattered her life and her sense of self, left her feeling broken and wondering how she could move forward – it also served as a catalyst to reorient her life, her purpose, her work, and her impact. She is deeply committed to this work and the women she supports.

You can find more about Isabelle’s work via her website: ⁠www.⁠theschoolofsomaticleadershipforwomen.com

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#018 The Dandelion Effect – Trauma-informed Yoga for Social Impact

In this podcast episode “The Dandelion Effect – Trauma-informed Yoga for Social Impact” I invite you to explore the essence of our actions as powerful seeds, much like the dandelion’s – carried by the winds of our intention, creating a powerful influence and landing in unpredictable places, where they can sprout roots and create environments safe enough for healing, growth and recovery. These little seeds can help build resilience and create transformation in the lives of our students and communities.

In every safe space we hold for our students and the stories we share, we are sowing seeds of that impact. With each practice, each moment of shared connection, vulnerability, and strength, we create more possibilities, encouraging growth, recovery, and deep transformations. The impact of our interactions, seen and unseen, reverberate through our students’ lives and their families, nurturing communities marked by empathy, compassion, understanding, and profound social inclusion.

As yoga is becoming more popular within our society and more people from various backgrounds are joining the classes, it is our responsibility as yoga teachers and therapists to be trauma-informed and learn skills and practices that allow us to support our students effectively in our chaotic and unpredictable times. I want to invite you to join me in creating safer and more inclusive spaces for our students and communities to experience the healing and transformative power of yoga teachings.

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#017 Conversation with Anna Kerry: Speaking about Whole Person Approach to Life After Stroke

In this podcast episode I had the pleasure of talking with Anna Kerry. We chat about Anna’s experience of having a stroke as a young person, what helped most with her recovery and her passion for supporting other stroke survivors.

Anna is a trauma informed Yoga teacher and wellbeing coach, she specialises in helping stroke survivors on their recovery journey using a holistic approach. During Anna’s own experience of stroke recovery she leaned into her Yoga practice to help her through this experience. The practices and tools she has gained on this journey now form the basis of her work with other stroke survivors. From Anna’s 121 programme which focuses on the whole person to her Nervous System Workshop, Anna addresses the imbalance between physical and psychological recovery that arises with stroke recovery. 

Anna says “in stroke recovery there is a lot of emphasis on the physical recovery, our physical self is what we present out to the world and can cause extreme difficulties for the person this affects so I understand the importance of this, but what is lacking in stroke recovery is looking at the psychological impact and working in a holistic way so that nothing gets left behind – we can’t truly move forward with our lives if we only work on our physical recovery”. 

Anna’s stroke may have altered the direction of her life but she feels passionate about using her own experience to help others on their recovery journey. Anna believes that even though all strokes are different there is a common thread that pulls survivors together and is creating a safe space for stroke survivors to explore and rebuild the trust with themselves and their body.

You can find more information about Anna’s work via her website: ⁠https://thestrokewellbeingcoach.com/

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#016 The One Thing I Do Daily to Heal My Imposter, Be More Visible and Grow My Business

In this podcast episode “The One Thing I Do Daily to Heal My Imposter, Be More Visible and Grow My Business” I explore the nature of our inner part called the Imposter and the challenges that it can create for us – especially those of us who want to be more visible to build impactful and thriving businesses.

I invite you to approach your inner landscape and your relationship with the Imposter part from a more holistic and compassionate perspective, one that will help you nurture self-trust, authenticity and visibility, and help you build a sustainable and thriving business you love.

I share with you my favourite practice that can support you on your journey of healing, growth and integration, so you can share your passion and wisdom with others. 

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#015 Three Reasons Why Trauma-informed Somatic Training Should Not be an Add-on for All Practitioners

In this podcast episode “Three Reasons Why Trauma-informed Somatic Training Should Not be an Add-On for All Practitioners” I dive deep into the essential nature of trauma-informed somatic training for yoga teachers, coaches, and all practitioners working closely with people. I explore three profound reasons why incorporating trauma-informed somatic practices should be more than just an additional skill, but rather a core component of every practitioner’s approach.

Join me for a powerful conversation that illuminates why trauma-informed somatic training is not merely an ‘add-on,’ but an integral, transformative, and healing pillar in the practice of yoga teachers, coaches and wellness practitioners dedicated to making a meaningful impact.

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#014 Navigating Feelings: Unpacking Our Human Responses to Shared Sadness

In this podcast episode “Navigating Feelings: Unpacking Our Human Responses to Shared Sadness” I am taking you through on a journey of emotions and reactions that unfolded following a heartfelt Facebook post I recently shared. The post was a reflection of my vulnerability at that moment, where I expressed deep sadness and feelings of the relentless impact of the world’s events over the past few years. It sparked a lot of unexpected comments, which showed how we react to others’ vulnerability in our shared virtual spaces. I’d like to invite you to share these reflections with me and unpick the impact our reactions might have on us and our communities.

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#013 Conversation with Peter Appel: Speaking about somatics, how he uses a unique style called Movingness, and how somatics can help with trauma recovery

In this podcast episode I had the pleasure of talking with Peter Appel. We chat about the Somatics, his unique style of somatic movement called Movingness, and how somatic practices can help us with healing from trauma.

Peter Appel, Finland, is a yoga teacher in four traditions, dance facilitator, meditator, mental trainer, and writer. He is also the founder of MOVINGNESS – a new way of exploring the body and mind through conscious movement. With slow soothing movements, Movingness activates and relaxes the body’s major parasympathetic systems like, for example, the fascial network, the Vagus nerve(s), and affective touch. 

In Peter’s experience, reconnecting with the felt sense of the body, makes it easier to connect with oneself, other people and ultimately with all living beings. It can bring us into a state of mind that is highly receptive, creative, and open. However, to interpret the fleeting sensations in the body, we also need frames. So Movingness also includes perspectives from (human) evolution, old wisdom traditions, trauma therapy, and brain science. 

As Peter says: “It’s about integrating the feeling body with the thinking mind and creating a new form of dialogue. Hopefully, this can help us reframe our narratives and come together as individuals and communities.”

You can find out more info about Peter’s work via his website: https://www.movingness.com

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#012 Cultivating Self-compassion for nervous system regulation

In the podcast episode “Cultivating Self-compassion for nervous system regulation” I explore the transformative power of self-compassion, how it can impact our nervous system state and physiology, and why it is the essence of all my work and my personal daily somatic practice. I consider the challenges that might come up when starting practicing and teaching compassion practices – especially if you or your client experienced trauma, and how we can invite inner sense of safety and change our language to reduce internal resistance from our inner critical parts. I also share with you some of my favourite practices to cultivate self-compassion. Hope you find it useful.

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#011 Conversation with Fabienne Belgardt: Speaking about burnout and supporting your wellbeing when running a business

In this podcast episode I had the pleasure of talking with Fabienne Belgardt. We chat about Fabi’s journey, experiencing burnout, working with women and the impact Aneta’s trainings and support had on Fabi’s work.

Fabi is a somatic coach in training and a trauma-informed yoga teacher with a background in frontline work. Fabi supports other female practitioners, coaches and business owners with easing stress and overwhelm. Having experienced going through the burnout cycles herself, she understands the importance of having support for your own wellbeing when supporting others. She now shares practices – with a trauma-informed and whole-systems approach– that can support other practitioners with mental and emotional wellbeing whilst running their business and supporting others through their work, so that they can continue sharing what they love without burning out.

Fabi encourages lasting, sustainable changes and understanding one’s own Nervous system better – to break the burnout cycle of people-pleasing, high expectations and putting other people’s needs first and instead creating a supportive and Nervous system friendly environment and prioritising one’s own needs – through trauma-informed, somatic practices and coaching, restorative yoga, practices for Nervous system regulation and exploring habits and mindsets around rest and self-care.

Fabi works online, offering 1-1 support, somatic group coaching and regular workshops. Her work focuses on inviting self-compassion, connecting, and listening to one’s own needs and regulating of the Nervous system – holding space for your own needs when supporting others and navigating challenges of running your own business.

You can find out more about Fabi’s work via her website: https://www.fabiennebelgardt.com/

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#010 Conversation with Laurent Roure: Speaking about Breathwork, Body, and Trauma-informed Approach

In this podcast episode I had the pleasure of talking with Laurent Roure. We chat about the yoga scene, the state of the breathwork industry, how we can better support students with trauma and create safer environments.

Laurent Roure is a seasoned yoga instructor with a holistic approach. His teaching combines classical and modern elements, drawing inspiration from various yoga methods and influential teachers. Laurent’s expertise extends to somatic practices, pranayama, meditation, and Yoga Nidra, making his offerings suitable for all levels.

With a decade of specialisation in contemporary pranayama and meditation, Laurent emphasises cultivating a compassionate yoga culture centred on respect, safety, self-awareness, and support for others. He has a strong track record of assisting individuals with mental health challenges, stress, anxiety, trauma, burnout, insomnia, and breathlessness due to pulmonary illnesses.

Laurent conducts online and in-person classes, wellness workshops, and events in London, the UK, and abroad. He is also a qualified Mental Health First Aider, providing valuable support. Furthermore, he offers intensive courses in Pranayama, Breathwork, and Yoga Nidra, training students, yoga teachers, therapists, healthcare professionals, and others.

In addition to his yoga and somatic practices, Laurent shares his insights through “The Penny Drops Podcast” and various health and well-being content.

You can find more information about Laurent’s work via his website: https://yogalaurent.com/

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#009 Your Body as Your Ally: Embodied Healing through Trauma-informed Somatic Coaching for Women

In the podcast episode “Your Body as Your Ally: Embodied Healing through Trauma-informed Somatic Coaching for Women,” we explore the profound connection between the body and trauma healing within the context of Somatic Coaching. I discuss how important it is for women to feel empowered and to view their bodies as allies in the healing journey, rather than as sources of confusion, pain or disconnection. 

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#008 Embracing cycles and celebrating Autumn Equinox

This year we are celebrating Autumn Equinox on 23rd September. It’s a day when day and night are of an equal length and an important point within the cycle of a year. I love working with seasons and cycles, and they are an important part of the way I work with my clients and all trauma-informed somatic training certifications I facilitate. Today I want to reflect on the power of honouring cycles and invite you to celebrate Autumn Equinox through creating your own rituals. 

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#007 Trauma-informed somatic work is about the community and collaboration

Today I want to talk about the essence of trauma-informed somatic work – which is community and collaboration. Why? Because healing comes from co-regulation and from our experience being witnessed and acknowledged. This is a different path. A healing path. A path of connection and co-regulation. A deeply transformational path. This is also the essence of my Trauma-informed Somatic Teacher and Coach for Women training certification and community.

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#006 My reflections from living one year alcohol free

This week I’m celebrating living one year alcohol free and in this episode I’m sharing my reflections from last year. It’s been an interesting journey with lots of learning, healing and growth. I experienced many significant and positive shifts within my wellbeing, relationships and in my business. As a 50 year old woman who is going through peri-menopause and who runs her own business and training other practitioners in trauma-informed somatic coaching and yoga approaches it’s important to me that I prioritise my health and wellbeing so I can support others from a regulated, stable and connected place.

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#005 Why is this training for women only? But I want to be inclusive!

I’m often asked a question about why is my Trauma-informed Somatic Teacher and Coach training certification for women only? This is a really important question. This is why in this episode I am exploring all the reasons why I chose to focus on women and women’s wellbeing, even though I work in an inclusive way too.

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#004 Two types of skills you need to learn as a self-employed practitioner or business owner

If you are a self-employed practitioner or business owner there are two types of skills you need to learn. First you have to learn your ‘modality’ skills, second you have to learn business skills to make your business sustainable. From my own experience and working with many practitioners I know that many of us focus on learning how to be better in our work but don’t spend enough time to learn how to make our business sustainable and thriving. And without learning how to build our business that is right for us we can easily hit burnout or give up doing what we love.

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#003 How to know you are following your own Embodied Wisdom Path

Are you following your own path? Are you making decisions from your embodied wisdom and your soul calling? Or are you trying to squeeze yourself into a mould that is not you just because you think you should in order to be accepted or recognised? Following your own Embodied Wisdom Path takes courage because it is a ‘road less travelled’. If you choose to follow this path you will have to face your inner parts and others’ expectations of you. It will challenge you deeply. But it is also a path of healing, growth and creativity. And if you have the courage to allow yourself to follow it you will find deep connection with yourself and others.

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#002 What would you do if you were in charge of the world?

Today I want to ask you a simple question: What would you do if you were in charge of the world? For me this is one of the most important questions we need to ask ourselves as human beings, practitioners and business owners. I’ve been pondering this question for many years now. I know from experience that if you take time to answer this question it can guide you to realign with your values and make decisions and action from that aligned space. I think it is our responsibility to ask ourselves those questions if we want to make a positive social impact within our communities and the world. Because every voice and every choice matters, and it contributes to either healing or destruction.

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#001 Introduction and the inspiration behind my trauma-informed somatic work

Welcome to my new podcast Through a trauma-informed Lens – Soma, Psyche and Soul.

Thank you for taking time to listen to this episode. Today I’d like to share with you a little about my journey and what inspired me to work, mentor, coach, and train others in trauma-informed somatic approach. My inspiration and commitment to share this work with my clients and other soul-led practitioners (female and male) comes from my own life experiences including moving on my own to London from Poland when I was 18, practicing Yoga and Mindfulness for last 30 years, and my experience of working with trauma, crisis intervention, mental health, substance use, DV and intensive family work in Social Care and the community for past 25 years, teaching Mindfulness Yoga and Meditation and other therapeutic yoga, Somatic Movement and Somatic and Embodiment approaches for past 13 years, and working with Thai Yoga Massage and somatic bodywork, as well as attending many holistic, therapeutic and coaching trainings over the past three decades.

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