My 1:1 practice with Aneta is having a remarkable impact in my life. Over the last year the effects have rippled out into every corner of my daily routines. She has encouraged me to take small incremental steps that are challenging and realisticAs a busy working mum the thought of getting up earlier was a ‘no no’ last year, and the idea of feeling my core after 2 big babies seemed almost impossible.

I am happy to report that I have reconnected with my tummyI am now practicing yoga daily before I wake the kids up, I eat less and I sleep more deeply.

Aneta has helped me reignite the fire in my belly and create the inner peace I have longed forI have more clarity, gratitude and fun and the best bit is, I have created more space to enjoy myself!  

Samantha Lewis, Ramsgate

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A few years ago I was at my lowest health-wise, mind and body. I was recovering from a herniated disc and a second bulging disc. My closest friend suggested trying a yoga class in a boutique-studio based in Ramsgate. We both attended the class for different reasons. After the first class I was hooked. I loved the style of yoga taught and I found Aneta’s teaching style to have a deep warmth and compassion to it. This is not just any yoga studio it has something special.

After a few months of practicing I started to notice things like sciatica, which is a by-product of the herniated disc stopped, then the muscle spasms stopped. This had a profound effect on me. The joy I felt at being able to move more freely without pain started to change my outlook and mind-set. This meant so much to me as I had always been a regular gym-goer.

Yoga started giving me greater clarity, making me re-evaluate what was important; what was not important and where I wanted to go in the next stage of my life. I cannot imagine life without yoga. I feel connected to myself during and after practice. The fog in my mind dissipates and my heart opens up.

A quote from Rumi is a beautiful reminder that everything in our lives, and everyone we come into contact with, can be an experience of yoga: “Be grateful for whoever comes, because each has been sent as a guide from beyond.” Rumi

I am grateful to my fabulous friend suggesting going to see Aneta and I am grateful for the support and guidance of the most amazing Yoga teacher.


Dawn Ingram


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I signed up for the 3 month Yoga Wellness Coaching Programme ‘Re-boot Your Body and Mind’ on a one to one basis with Aneta in September. I was feeling very tired, I had disturbed sleep, aches and pains and generally felt under the weather. It felt like my body was ageing fast. I was looking for something to get me back on track.

After an initial assessment Aneta suggested small changes each week to my daily routine, some have been easy to adopt like keeping hydrated, and some slightly harder such as doing daily morning check-in and yoga practice. But the changes have been amazing!

Aneta’s positive aura surrounds and calms you as she gently walks you through the programme, and she has this special way of making you believe in yourself and the good in oneself. I am definitely kinder to myself.

I have yet to come across a day that I don’t look forward to our session. I have benefitted enormously from our sessions. Thank you Aneta.

Elaine J (2016) 

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Starting yoga with Aneta was for me the last piece of the jigsaw puzzle to getting my health back on track after a period of chronic health issues. I misguidedly thought that this would just be about stretching and improving my posture – it turned out to be so much more!

It’s been a big light bulb moment in my life and I am so grateful that I found Aneta. For the first time in my life I have learnt how to live in my body and look after and nurture myself without feeling guilty. I still see friends on FB ill and struggling with stress and illness and writing “I hate my body it’s so weak” without realising this is down to their lifestyle choices fuelled by the pressures of modern life and social media. I now know that a great deal of my chronic illness was down to years working in a stressful job and juggling family life, Aneta has proved to me there is another way to approach life with her unique combination of coaching/counselling and healing and I urge others to try it.

Melanie Lee, 2017

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I’ve been attending Aneta’s mindfulness yoga classes since February 2013 and can sincerely say that they have been crucial to my well-being, both physical and emotional, during a particularly stressful time of work. The classes have provided a calming and safe space in which to reconnect mind and body, and to explore the capabilities of both.

I had absolutely no experience before I started going but the classes have not only improved my flexibility and my physical wellness, but have also, outside of the studio, equipped me with the tools to exist in the moment, to take a step back and reflect on my own thought processes.

Aneta is a wonderful teacher – she is gentle, approachable, and endlessly positive, as well as really knowledgeable, and her classes are an oasis in my week.

Kim Simpson 

Included in Kim’s Dissertation Paper:

‘I want to thank Aneta Idczak for her gentle calmness, her nurturing support, and for making me see that we are not separate from life.’

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I have been attending Aneta’s classes and workshops for nearly a year and have gained a great deal even though I have been into yoga for many years. I especially like the workshops when there is a chance for more personal support and extra information on lifestyle, diet, etc. and how Mindfulness fits into daily life. Aneta is always careful to carterfor a diversity of students making sure everyone works within their own capacity in safety. Namaste


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Dear Aneta,

I just wanted to say thank you for always being so lovely and caring in your yoga classes toward me… + finding me more and more alternative ‘moves’ the bigger I’ve become! I’ve loved coming + have found the classes so relaxing (my baby has loved them too!).

Love, Hiver x

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Aneta’s friendly welcome is just one of the reasons I enjoy her yoga classes so much.

Nothing however, beats the feeling of the after practice when my hips, shoulders and spine have been given a new life and feel loose, flexible and energised.

I found her teaching style incredibly effective, not just because her instructions are clear, but mostly because she takes great care in adjusting my posture.

On a more mental level, the mindfulness approach she gently brings into the practice, makes the whole class experience complete and one to look forward to every time.

Sara Pini

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‘I started yoga with Aneta a little over a year ago, having not done anything for a number of years (mostly due to stress) & feel it was absolutely the right move. I thoroughly enjoy the classes, Aneta makes everything feel relaxed & comfortable but I still feel like I’ve worked out at the end of it!

I love Aneta’s yoga studio so much that I now bring my 12 year old son along too and he absolutely loves it, even telling his parkour coaches he does yoga & meditation.
I would say my anxiety & stress are definitely better & the ujjayi breathing has worked wonders on more than one occasion! When I practice more regularly at home, I do feel the benefits physically too but for me my journey has been more mental than physical.

Caitlin N., 2017

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After going through a very challenging and painful period in my life, I felt truly blessed to find that Aneta was, quite literally, on my doorstep.  I had already been working hard on my emotional health and well-being; having undertaken extensive research on self-healing from emotional trauma AND I am now firmly of the belief that it was I who manifested Aneta into my life.
Her studio in Ramsgate is warm, welcoming and extremely calming to the mind, body and soul.  These fabulous qualities are simply Aneta, a wonderful human-being.  Her knowledge and, moreover, her wisdom is both pure and infectious.
If you are reading this testimonial whilst going through a challenging period in your life (and lets face it, the whole world is right now) then it is time to do something about it.  Take 100% responsibility for it and take the action required. Whatever you are going through right now and however hard you may think it is, Aneta has the tools to give you so that you can take the reigns of your life and live it with purpose and joy.  Why?  Because YOU needs you to AND so does the world”.
Dawn P. 2017
anetai lotusThe Opportunity to commit to one to one sessions with Aneta came at a time where I was a bit confused and in search of inner peace and finding the meaning of life. I am a perfectionist by nature and a working professional, this combination can often lead to developing unhealthy stress levels. I used to find it difficult to accept anything that was in my perception sub standard .As a consequence I found myself stressed and antagonised by other people’s shortcoming and my own high standards. Everyday life can also become difficult when you set the bar too high for anyone including yourself to reach.  Whilst I cannot sit here and say I now know exactly what I am going to do with my life or that I have been cured, what I can say is that I am in a far better place with my physical practice, confidence levels and understanding of myself and my needs. I have recently came to a great realisation that “it is ok to be me !”. As simple as it sounds it is rather groundbreaking, to be able to accept myself for who I am, with all that being me entails.
Aneta has helped me greatly by taking me on a journey of discovering simple yet extremely effective behaviours that I was able to incorporate into my daily routine. Things as simple as understanding the impact and importance of hydrating and going to bed earlier as well as listening to your own body and its needs have made a real difference. I have started looking after my body better by developing positive habits to reinforce the meditation and yoga practise which had an amazing impact on my health and wellbeing. I feel a lot more confident about who I am, and far more accepting of others and my own shortcomings. This in turn means that I am a much more content human, becoming kinder and more mindful in my daily life. I now understand that the most powerful and accurate advice comes from within.
Aneta is a very kind, patient and a thoughtful practitioner. She is very flexible with her approach and uses the wealth of knowledge she posses to accommodate ever changing needs of individuals during the practise. Aneta is very interactive during physical sessions adjusting participants within the poses and continuously remind us of the need for being kind to ourselves and in touch with our inner wisdom.
I would absolutely recommend Aneta’s one to one sessions to anyone that is considering making small but sustainable changes in their lives. I have enjoyed my sessions very much and continue to see positive results coming through, and deeper understanding settling in. I am definitely going to sign up for future one to one sessions.
Ewelina C.

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“The Mindfulness group is very inspiring and a really nice group of people. Well done for putting it on as the nearest place for a group like this is London and at a much bigger price tag. I can also recommend the yoga classes they go hand in hand with this group” M.S. Ramsgate 2014
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”Aneta’s friendly welcome is just one of the reasons I enjoy her yoga classes so much. Nothing however, beats the feeling of the after practice when my hips, shoulders and spine have been given a new life and feel loose, flexible and energised.
I found her teaching style incredibly effective, not just because her instructions are clear, but mostly because she takes great care in adjusting my posture. On a more mental level, the mindfulness approach she gently brings into the practice, makes the whole class experience complete and one to look forward to every time.” S.P. Ramsgate 2014
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”I have spend many years and money searching for the right way when (I know is sounds corny), I had the answer all along. With the help of Aneta by attending mindful yoga twice a week and mindful classes I have come to self acceptance. And all at a very reasonable price … Aneta has created a sanctuary for mind and body in Ramsgate. It’s well worth a visit. Keep up the good work.” M.S. Ramsgate 2014

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“Great to be back last night in your studio. Looking forward to your next class. Thank you for all you bring to Thanet” S.L. Ramsgate 2014