Embodied Business Mandala Mentorship



1-year small group Mentoring and Coaching Programme

Somatically and Seasonally focused group mentorship for highly sensitive practitioners (and/or Human Design Generators and Manifesting Generators).

Create a business based on your definition of success, and an embodied, gentle, and nervous system friendly marketing approach and sustainable systems, focused on sharing different types of stories, stepping into your Feminine Embodied Leader role, and your own Embodied Business Mandala™ Model that supports and nourishes the richness of your life.

Embrace trauma-informed somatic approach to creating a co-regulated, compassionate, and supportive community, where we create simplicity, practice what we preach, pause and connect with our somatic experience, cultivate deep self-trust, and hold safe space for all our successes and challenges.




  • You are a female facilitator, coach, somatic practitioner, yoga teacher/therapist, wellness practitioner, bodyworker, healer, who is ready to step up and create more abundance, stability and impact.


  • You struggle with the loud ‘be visible everywhere’ and relentless approach to marketing and don’t want to spend a huge amount of time in the overwhelming overload of social media, DMs and using other high pushing forward approaches. Insted you want to slow down and find more stability and enjoyment within running your business, get great results and complete projects, work with a regulated nervous system, and with the support of a compassionate community, and its collective wisdom.


  • You want to connect deeply to your embodied wisdom and self-trust, your soul message and purpose, clarify your message, and share it in an aligned and consistent way, to create a positive impact within your communities and the world.


  • You want to shift from always ‘being-on’ and trying to find people to work with you – to helping people find you easily and inviting them to work with you. We will do this by creating simplicity within your business – your strategy, systems and processes.


  • You want to work with your Embodied Mindset to fully embrace and share your message, expertise, specialism, and wisdom within your business.


  • You want to create your own Embodied Business Mandala™ Model that reflects your unique understanding and approach and is nervous system friendly. I will be sharing my new methodology with you.


  • You want financial and business stability rather than overhyped and exhausting ways of working and being visible, and “showing up”.


  • You want to align with your Embodied Feminine Wholeness™, your Seasonal rhythm and Nature, and the Soul of your Business, so your business can support and nurture you deeply, and you can enjoy the richness of your life (rather than work all-the-time and hustle-and-grind).


  • You want to work more with focus on completing projects and create a library of content and resources, including passive small courses and offerings to make your business more sustainable, and use not only Social Media but also channels outside of social media like webinars, blogs, podcasts, YouTube or Vimeo videos, Insight Timer, etc.


  • You want to understand and change your relationship with money – your beliefs and behaviours coming from your own and past generations of trauma, fear and survival strategies. I’ve been learning and exploring the subject of trauma and money over the past year and as a result I grew my income by embracing my skills and expertise, which is amazing coming from working in Social Care and all beliefs I had about money. I will be sharing this new understanding and processes with you.self-trust,




  • This is a new training based on embodiment, self-trust, integrity, community co-regulation, and my new understanding and approach to creating an embodied, gentle, thriving and nervous system friendly business.


  • I will support you to create and build your own Embodied Business Mandala™ Model that best supports you, your values and your strengths, your natural rhythm of work for each season, your business growth for prosperity and financial self-sufficiency, and for sharing your unique message and approach.


  • We will collaborate on creating and hosting together the Slow (and Nervous System Friendly) Summit in Autumn 2024 – to share together our messages and increase our impact – as female practitioners. We will create together our unique shared Slow Summit Mandala, where we all contribute to making a positive impact in the world.


  • I will invite you to do a podcast interview with me as part of promoting your work and our Slow Summit.


  • You will get an opportunity to present your work – method, message, webinar – as a presentation to our community, and ask for feedback (and which you can use as part of your marketing).


  • I will invite you as a guest presenter in my FB community group to do quarterly FB live training, that you can also use on your social media/YouTube channel/website.




  • You can join the EBM programme at the start of each Season / Quarter. The programme runs for one whole year12 months.
  • We will have weekly live 60-90 mins calls on Tuesdays 12.30pm UK time, three times per month, with no calls on the last week of the month (please note there might be some occasional changes during the year due to planned holidays like Easter, or unexpected family commitments). There will be no live calls in August to allow us to rest and prepare for a busy Autumn.
  • Weekly additional co-working zoom sessions on Friday mornings 9.30am to 11.30am UK time (three times per month), to do deep work on your projects.
  • Quarterly Seasonal Planning Retreats – 3 hours together to plan out your next season with a new seasonal focused workbook.
  • Seasonal / Quarterly Planner – each month you will receive a copy of 90 day planner to help you organise, plan and review each week and month.
  • I’m looking into organising an in-person The Embodied Business Mandala Day Retreat in 2024/2025 and you will be invited at a reduced price to it.




  • FULL PRICE – £2222
  • Additional Pay-in-Full Bonus – 1-2-1 Mentoring and Coaching Session with me (worth £175)
  • Instalment plans of 6 and 12 months available
  • Additional open only to the EBM Mentorship participants – 1-2-1 sessions (a package of 12) – at a reduced price of £150 p/hr = £1800 for 12 sessions (instead of £175 p/hr = £2100 for 12 sessions as is open to all and offered on my website currently).



Pay in full >> HERE <<


INSTALMENT OPTIONS for £2222 Investment:

3 monthlyinstalments x £750 >> Click here to pay with 3 instalments <<

6 monthly instalments x £380  >> Click here to pay with 6 instalments <<

12 monthly instalments x £194  >> Click here to pay with 12 instalments <<




You can email me directly and I will reply within 48 hours at: info@anetaidczak.com



Aneta Idczak


  • Collective wisdom and compassionate space held by the container of our intimate group and community
  • My experience of 25 years working with clients and practitioners in trauma-aware and trauma-informed approach, within various settings including Social Care, the community, my business, and Golden Mandala Yoga-Soma Institute
  • 20 years of mentoring, supervising, coaching, and training practitioners – group and one-to-one – in various settings, and last 8 years of mentoring and coaching self-employed practitioners.
  • 14 years of facilitating, teaching, and holding space as Mindfulness, Meditation, Yoga and Somatic Movement practitioner, in addition to my own practice of 30 years





> When does the EMBODIED BUSINESS MANDALA™ Mentorship Mastermind start?

You can join the EBM Mentorship Mastermind at any time but the best time is to join at the turn of each season March/April, June, Sept/Oct, Dec/Jan. We can then plan for the next 90 day and follow the curriculum for 12 weeks to set the foundations in your business.

> How many modules are there as part of the EMBODIED BUSINESS MANDALA™ Mentorship programme?

There are 9 Modules in the programme delivered by email over your first 12 weeks.

There are also other trainings in the library of resources, including Embodied Mindset 4-week training – working on our mindset and bringing our somatic wisdom into it.

> How do I sign up for the EMBODIED BUSINESS MANDALA programme?

You can sign up straight away by making a payment in full or by setting up your installment plan – via this page and included links on this page. If you have any questions and would like to talk with me before signing up you can schedule your no obligation call HERE

> What will happen when I sign up with a payment?

When you sign up with a payment and I receive a notification that your payment came through – I will send you a Welcome Email with all details and links. Please note it might take up to 24 hours for you to receive our Welcome Email. If you have not received a Welcome Email within 24 hours please contact me via email: info@anetaidczak.com

> I’m not sure if this programme is right for me – can we talk?

Yes! You can book in for a free call with me if you have questions about this programme and would like to discuss whether it is right for you and your business. Book your free call via my calendar: HERE

> Are any 1-2-1 sessions included in the programme?

All calls within the EBM programme are group calls – weekly mentoring and coaching, Quarterly Retreats and bonus Masterclasses.

If you’d like to add 1-2-1 sessions you can do this by signing up for special price 1-2-1 Programme, which includes 12 online 1-2-1 mentoring & coaching sessions alongside the main group programme. These sessions can be taken fortnightly or monthly alongside the main EBM programme calls.

> Do I have to be a trauma-informed practitioner to benefit from this programme?

NO! The EBM Mentoriship Mastermind Programme is created to be nervous-system friendly and is suitable for any coach, yoga teacher/therapist or wellness practitioner who wants to build their soul-led and wholehearted business in a way that supports their own nervous systeme and wellbeing.

I don’t teach you trauma-informed approach in this progamme but we talk a lot about checking all decisions against your somatic and nervous system responses.

> What is your Refund Policy?

I don’t offer any refunds for EMBODIED BUSINESS MANDALA™ 1-year Mentorship Mastermind programme. Please take your time before you enrol and sign up for this programme.

Book a free call with me if you are not sure whether this programme is right for you.

> Do you offer any discounts for EMBODIED BUSINESS MANDALA™ Mentorship Mastermind?

No, there are no discounts for the EBM Mentorship Mastermind programme. But I offer a 12-month installment plan option, which is kept low to make it manageable even if you are on a lower income right now.

I have personal experience of being part of similar business mentoring programmes that charge much higher prices to participate in. I decided to keep this programme at a lower price end because I believe that all self-employed practitioners and business owners need this kind of support and education.

However, the early bird price of this programme will not be offered again.

> What is your guarantee of results?

This is a mentoring and coaching programme designed to help you build your business in a way that is aligned with your Vision and passion, and will bring in more opportunities, more clients and more income.

I can’t do this work for you. You will not see any positive changes happen by themselves just by signing up to this programme. You have to do the work – inner work on your beliefs and embodied mindset, and take action every day to build your business.

But I can guarantee that if you watch the tranings, follow the programme, implement all tasks, take part in weekly mentoring and coaching sessions – you will grow your business skills with more understanding and confidence, strengthen your inner self-belief, raise your visibility and bring more students/clients and therefore more income.

This is why this programme is 1-year long. There are many programmes out there that are 3 months long for a similar price. But I know that change and growth take time, energy and consistency. In this programme you will work with me and the programme for 4 x 90 days – four plans to follow and implement, four sprints of aligned consistent action with accountability, and four in-depth reviews. If you engage with the programme you will see big results within that year.

> Have you got any other questions?

If you have any other questions that I did not cover here – please contact me via email: info@anetaidczak.com, or book in your free call with me via my calendar HERE. I’ll be happy to talk with you.