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What makes our trauma-informed yoga teacher training different?

A yoga teacher asked me recently what’s so different about our 80-Hr Trauma-informed yoga & Embodied resilience teacher training and mentoring course (TREY) – after all it’s just trauma-informed yoga and there are many training out there now teaching it. 
I had to agree – I see many trauma-informed or trauma sensitive trainings popping up all the time on my feed. 
So what makes it this training different? 
> It’s delivered over 12 Modules with live online sessions. Yes there are many pre-recorded videos for most modules but I believe this kind of pre-recorded learning is not enough. This is why we have live sessions – to answer all the questions and work together to understand and process the information. 
> You also get two 1-2-1 mentoring sessions with me. I cannot tell you how valuable this is – to be able to ask questions and explore in a safety of a private session. 
> we also have a buddy system. After each session you will be allocated a buddy to discuss material with, practice and integrate. This is how we build connection, trust and a safe community. 
> And our focus is on Embodied Resilience not just trauma-informed yoga. We explore the path from Mindfulness (awareness) to embodiment, and we learn tools and practices you can teach your student in any setting (not just in a yoga sessions). 
> I also teach you foundations of Focusing (Embodied Listening – working with felt-senses and parts). A different way of connecting within and working towards integration. I’ve been learning and practicing Focusing for almost 4 years as part of Focusing Practitioner training and it has completely changed my relationship with myself and others. This is coming from somebody who’s been practicing yoga and mindfulness for over 26 years, and has done huge amounts of training and lots of therapy. 
> And lastly you will be a part of a supportive community of other trauma-informed yoga teachers. I am running cohort 6 from January and our community is growing. 
Also, I teach from many years of experience, which comes from working with individuals and whole families experiencing trauma and trauma symptoms, mental health, addictions and DV for the past 20 years – out of which 16 years was full-time work front line and team managing/training in Social Care. 
So this is what makes this course different. 
REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN for next cohort start on 7th May 2022, delivered over 6 Saturdays, and I really believe that all yoga teachers should do this kind of training. 
If you are interested in becoming trauma-informed yoga teacher with focus on Embodied Resilience then check all information and booking at: 

Aneta Idczak, Yoga Business Mentoring and Coaching

Our world has changed so much over the past 2 years and as yoga teachers we now need different skills to support our students and communities effectively.

It’s no longer enough to know how to teach a yoga pose or a movement. We now need to understand how our nervous system works and how we can teach and support our students through the ongoing stresses. Because our students come to our yoga sessions for a relief from their daily stresses and look to us to show them how to manage their physical and emotional needs.

Let’s learn those skills and create a safer and better world for our students and ourselves.




Understanding how to work with trauma in yoga

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FOR YOGA TEACHERS – Understanding how to work with trauma is more important then ever.

But understanding trauma – what it is, signs and symptoms, and theories – is only a first step.


Because let’s be honest – yoga and mindfulness are sold these days as practices that are good for many things – physical health and fitness, stress reduction, mental health and wellbeing, embodiment, spiritual transformation. That’s a lot of high expectations.


These days people coming to our sessions can present with many different needs, and these can include trauma symptoms. How do you recognise when somebody gets triggered? And how do you support, guide and create safety for them in your sessions?

How all this knowledge and understanding of trauma translates in practical ways into working with YOUR client group?

Because teaching yoga to a group of teenagers, fit adults, older ladies or prison inmates will require you to approach it in different ways.

Join me for:

4-hour CPD workshop: Practical ways to teach yoga with trauma awareness

Friday 5th June 2020 – 1pm to 5pm UK

Online via Zoom – This workshop is limited to 25 participants only to allow for interactive and safe learning.

Info and booking details are here: http://www.anetai.co.uk/cpd-yoga-teachers-training-trauma-…/