Wise Women Sacred Retreats

wise women sacred retreat

Wise Women’s Sacred Retreats

with Aneta Idczak and Natasha Calia and friends

@ Manor Barn, Canterbury 


Wise women sacred retreats centred around each season. This is a nourishing opportunity to reconnect with yourself and celebrate the Sacred Feminine. We ask for a seasonal commitment so that we can deepen friendships and create a supportive and safe women’s circle. Join us for this lunar journey of self-reflection, nourishment and discovery.

During each season you’ll be given the opportunity to fully inhabit your body and honour it’s wisdom through movement, breath, sound, touch and somatic and energetic practices. You will also have the opportunity to embody Feminine Arts practices, crafting herbal remedies to enhance your healing journey and wellbeing.

Coming together in circle we can be witnessed and supported as we set out intentions to connect us with our hearts and our higher selves. We will work with rituals to anchor and manifest our dreams. We will embrace each season with its gifts and challenges.

As well as our in-person gatherings we have crafted audio meditations, movement videos and podcasts to help you embrace each season more fully.

What you get:
• 3 in-person circle meetings
• 3 guided audio meditations for home use
• 3 short videos of movement practices
• A seasonal podcast

In-person offerings
• 3 half day sacred retreats (10 am till 1330) on Sundays including time for meditation, movement, crafting, circle sharing, and a shared lunch.

Our season dates are as follows:

Spring: March 22nd, April 19th, May 17th – 3 sessions

Summer: June 14th and July 12th – 2 sessions
Autumn: dates TBA – September + October + November – 3 sessions

2 sessions £66 to £77 (sliding scale)
3 sessions £88 to £99 (sliding scale)

March circle will include:
Centring + Arriving
Movement practice – flowing night + day
Making your own flower remedy
Intention setting + sharing in the circle
Womb + heart toning circle –
Shared lunch and closing circle

April Circle will include
Centring + Arriving and Movement practice
• Pranayama: Ocean breath (Ujaji) and Loving-kindness meditation.
Intention setting + sharing in the circle
Creation of herbal remedies
Shared lunch and closing circle.

May Circle will include
Centring + Arriving and Movement practice
Intention setting + sharing in the circle
Healing touch
Cacao ceremony and rose petal meditation
Shared lunch and closing circle



Booking and payment in advance is essential. Please text Aneta on 07543 973841 or aneta@anetai.co.uk.


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