Supercharge Your Wellness – 4 Week Online Programme


Supercharge your wellness 4 week online programme


Supercharge Your Wellness 

4 Weeks Online Programme

Let me ask you: 

»»» Does your life feel chaotic?

»»» Do you feel at a bottom of a never ending to do list?

»»» Do you find that there is not enough time in a day and you struggle to look after yourself?

»»» Do you have no idea where to start as you feel you’ve let your own wellbeing slide?

»»» Are you feeling tired or have low energy all the time and are tired of being tired? 

»»» Do you feel confused about all the advice around how you should create your own sense of wellbeing? 


Some programmes focus on a body and fitness, some on a stress reduction, some on a diet, some on connecting with your intuition and soul.

This online programme takes into account the interconnectedness of our experience and individual nature of our being. 

It approaches our wellbeing from a holistic perspective – body, mind, heart (emotions) and soul. 

It’s all about simplifying and creating self-care and life practices that are specific for your life. There is no cookie-cutter here. We all have different priorities and responsibilities and therefore our practices need to be adjusted to fit into our lives. 

The thing that is constant here is that we all have a body, mind, emotions and soul. And all of those part need acknowledgement and regular nourishment. 

In this programme you will find different practices to nurture awareness and cultivate balance and harmony within your whole being. 

Come and join me on this journey of self-discovery, to create re-alignment and joy in your body, mind, emotions and soul. 

anetai lotus

What’s included in the programme:

  • 4 modules released each week:
    • Week 1 – Body Awareness  
    • Week 2 – Mind Awareness 
    • Week 3 – Heart Awareness 
    • Week 4 – Soul Connection 
  • 4 one to one coaching and yoga sessions (one per week) – initial session 90 mins plus 3 remaining sessions lasting 1hour each. You can meet me at the studio or online, or as a combination of offline + online. Initial session will include BMEE (Body+Mind+Emotions+Energy) Self-Assessment.
  • 4 pre-recorded yoga sessions – one for each week for you to practice at home.
  • 4 pre-recorded meditation sessions – one for each module
  • Daily emails with tips or short video challenges
  • Additional resources including: Pdf cheat sheets, articles, blogs, etc

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At the end of our 4 weeks together you will:

  • Gain more clarity
  • Be right on your way to get to the bottom of what you need to take care of yourself
  • Have regular time and space to evolve and grow
  • Experience more ease in your body, mind and emotions
  • Have more understanding of how to create a deeper sense of wellbeing 
  • Experienced 6 different intensity yoga sessions, which you can practice anytime
  • Experienced 4 different meditations 


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Here is the detailed schedule for 4 weeks: 

Week 1 – Body Awareness 

This week focuses on building the foundations through working with the body. 

Week 1 Mindfulness Meditation – Getting into your body


  • Gentle Yoga and meditation practice – 30 mins video
  • 3 breakfast smoothie recipes
  • 3 main meal recipes
  • Habit tracker – 4 weeks sheet pdf
  • Understanding Your BodyMind – how your body works – Wisdom Video

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Week 2 – Mind Awareness

This week’s focus is on understanding how to cultivate a peace of mind.

Week 2 Mindfulness Meditation – Mind and Sounds


  • Dynamic (Yang) Yoga practice – 30 mins video
  • 3 great juices recipes
  • Power of crystals

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Week 3 – Heart Awareness 

This week’s focus is on emotional self-regulation and working with felt-senses. 

Week 3 Mindfulness Meditation – Loving Kindness Meditation for Self


  • Yin Yoga practice – 30 mins video
  • Healthy treats/deserts
  • Power of Aromatherapy oils

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Module 4 – Soul Connection   

This week’s focus is on intuition and how can we orient more towards joy and wellbeing. 

Week 4 Meditation – Appreciation and Making it all Sacred


  • Yang and Yin Yoga practice – 45 mins video
  • Creating Your Sacred Mornings
  • Understanding the power of appreciation and gratitude – Wisdom Video

anetai lotus 

Additional course resources:

  • Restorative yoga for better sleep – 30 mins video
  • Journaling resources
  • Great books recommendations
  • Access to my previous blogs and videos 


Price: £95 – one off payment for this online programme 


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