Embodied Wisdom Path – Somatic Coaching for Women over 40

“Quiet the mind and the soul will speak” Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati

Embodied Wisdom Programme is a body-focused somatic coaching programme – for Women over 40.

This programme is designed to help you feel empowered about your body, well-being and life.

It focuses on building nourishing embodied self-care habits to help you live your life with more inner connection, self-trust, empowerment, vitality and ease – as your body changes through a shift into peri-menopause and menopause. 

It brings together the old wisdom of Yogic Traditions, Western Psychological approaches and Embodiment practices to help you learn practices to re-wire your nervous system for inner stabilty and self-regulation, including Embodied Listening (Focusing) to help you create soulful self-care to connect with a deep sense of self-trust and integrity. 

. Somatic Coach fo women over 40

The current situation is bringing up many feelings for all of us. And we are all trying to manage and do our best to survive. 

I know from working with hundreds of women (and men) that we want to feel more connected and at ease but sometimes we don’t know where to start or what we need. 

You might experience high levels of stress, anxiety and a racing mind that can lead to staying in busy loop, chronic tiredness and create repetitive burnout cycle. 

You might question if this is what life is all about – this constant tiredness and feeling like your’re moving against a strong current of a river, not knowing how to change it. 

And you also might remember that life can be different – purposeful and joyful, full of connection and gratitute.

But you just can’t understand how to shift it from survival into more flow.


Maybe you tried many things… you read all the books and magazines, you attended self-development workshops and yoga classes but you are still confused and stuck.

You are still trying to do all.the.things, looking after everybody’s needs and working hard and getting frustrated with life and your situation. 

You know you have to change your self-care habits and how you live your life but you simply don’t know how to do it – after all you tired many things.

You are feeling like you your body is changing and is suddenly ageing fast making you feel slightly out of control and not knowing what to do about it.


You know living this way is having a negative impact on your health, relationships, work choices and your whole life…



It’s time to take steps to become empowered again: 

  • learn to listen to and understand your what your body is telling you
  • learn to understand your needs on a deep intuitive level
  • learn to respond to your needs with radical self-compassion
  • learn practices for somatic whole self-care and cultivate nourishing and healing habits
  • learn to live with more self-trust, calm and kindness
  • learn embodied relating skills to improve your relationships with others
  • re-connect with your zest for life, your passions and your dreams

Can you imagine yourself…

  • Feeling calm and grounded each day instead of overwhelmed with stress and anxiety
  • Feeling empowered and connected within and with your inner guidance
  • Being your best friend and relate to yourself (all parts of you) with more kindness and compassion
  • Feeling full of energy and stronger in your body with better breathing, better movement and better posture
  • Showing up in your life and relationships as you – not having to pretend in order to fit in or please others
  • Living inner-inspired life – with your own rhythm and pace – with abundance of ease, joy and gratitude

self-trust, yoga, yin yoga, life coaching, holistic life coaching.


If you think now is the time to live with more connection and ease – I’m here for you and I will bring all my experience and tools to help you feel more connected, empowered and inspired.


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We all need support at times and it is a sign of strength to ask for that support. I’ve been supporting women (and men) through this programme for past 6 years and it has been a great privilege to witness so many transformations. 


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I know the pressures of daily life and the high expectations and confusing messages our society gives us. I’ve been there myself – trying to fit into a narrow path between being assertive and feminine, successful in my career and a homemaker, trying to do it all and looking like it’s effortless to do it all. It’s so exhausting…

In all that busy-ness my self-care was the last on my list. And even when I had a little bit of time to think about how to better take care of myself I became confused with the conflicting messages in health magazines and media. At some point I realised that I lost track of how to connect with my needs and take care of myself, I lost touch with my inner wisdom – that inner knowing that used to guide me when I was younger. 

What I didn’t realise then is that taking time for my self-care benefited all – my loved ones, my work, my clients and anybody else I came in contact with. 

It took some time to get back to my own body wisdom and this journey led me to leaving Social Care career I’ve been in for many years, and moving into growing my own business. It also helped me to build my own self-care habits that nourish me daily such as time for rest, my yoga practice and somatic journaling. I know it takes time to make those changes to support yourself and in the long-term to be supportive of others without feeling exhausted from lack of sleep or stress.

It all starts with taking little pauses and creating space to connect with yourself and your body wisdom on a regular basis. 


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As an avid learner I also know that signing up for a self-improvement programme can feel just like another thing to do. Because let’s be honest – getting up one hour earlier when you are already feeling depleted might not be possible right not. We try very hard for a few days or weeks and then give up, feeling a further sense of failure and disillusionment. I know I’ve been there myself many times! It’s not till I committed to getting to know myself better – my body, my thoughts, my emotions and my desires – in an EMBODIED WAY – that I began to create self-care practices right for me.

I know how hard it is to get off the hamster wheel to even get a moment of clarity. It’s easy to use this to further pretend everything is ok and believe that you only need one night of restful sleep. We do what we can with what we’ve got. 


A question is: ‘How would it feel to shift into more flow and ease, and deep inner connection? How would your life change if you felt that way?’ 


Over the past 20 years I’ve worked with many women (and men) in various settings and I have a wealth of experience in working with women from different backgrounds to change their lives. 

I know that we all want to be happy and able to express who we are. We want to create and feel joy, we want to connect with our loved ones, our friends and  create life that is worth living. 


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How does it work? 

  • This somatic coaching programme runs over 6 months with fortnghtly sessions (but you can also choose to take it over 3 months with weekly sessions if you prefer to work in a more intense way).
  • We start with an intital 90 mins session and an in-depth self-assessment – just doing this one exercise will help you start getting clarity and focus. We willreflect on how you feel about your life and wellness right now – body, emotions, mind and energy + soul ; what works well and what you’d like to change. We will set the goals for your programme together.
  • We have together further 11 sessions – each 1-hour long – in person or online, where we will focus on building a momentum and building your nourishing embodied habits
  • You will receive bespoke programme to guide you through the process of achieving your goals and dreams
  • We start with foundation practices to support your body and self-care
  • We focus on integration of body, emotions, mind and soul – using embodied resilience practices and somatic coaching techniques, and Embodied Listening (Focusing)
  • You will receive mindful yoga and somatic movement practice videos and audio meditations
  • I help you create your aligned self-care routine including yoga, mindfulness, somatic movement and embodiment practices 
  • You will receive emails from me with practices, audios and videos to keep you motivated and focused on your journey
  • You will have access to me via email between the sessions and I usually answer within 48 hours
  • BONUS – You will receive access to my 4 week online course Supercharge Your Wellness (worth £97) 


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Testimonials (18)

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