Thai Yoga Massage


Thai Yoga Massage is an amazing healing art.

It is often described as ‘a practical application of Loving-Kindness’ and fondly called ‘yoga for the lazy’.  The first time I received this amazing treatment I fell in love with it instantly. I felt stretched out, very relaxed and deeply nourished. It felt like it was a great addition to my yoga practice. During my training I experienced many shifts in my body and in my whole being. It’s amazing how more open my body feels now compared to a few years ago.

It is a privilege to study with Kira Balaskas and her team of experienced practitioners. I feel very grateful that I was guided to get to know Kira and her deep and easy way of teaching this amazing art. And I now completed my Advanced training with Kira :-) 


anetai lotus


Traditional Thai Massage has its roots in the Indian systems of Yoga and Ayurveda. It is a holistic treatment whose primary aim is to restore and balance the body’s energy system by working on the energy lines that run through the body.

Thai Massage helps improve posture, breathing, flexibility, digestion and circulation. It stretches muscles, tones inner organs and assists in reducing physical and emotional tension.

Thai Yoga Massage can also be of great therapeutic benefit for a range of specific problems and chronic conditions, such as:

  • back pain
  • stiffness in the body
  • digestive disorders
  • shoulder and neck tension
  • joint pain
  • unable to relax 
  • digestive disorders 
  • headaches
  • menstruation problems
  • insomnia 
  • conditions linked to the levels of stress of our modern lifestyle

Thai Yoga Massage is done on a firm futon on the floor with the client dressed in light and comfortable clothes (such as those worn to attend a yoga class or the gym). The practitioner uses their thumbs, palms, elbows, knees and feet to apply a combination of acupressure and assisted yoga stretches to the client.


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As part of her Thai Yoga Massage treatments I use a unique blend of Neal’s Yard organic essential oil, which are pure and well researched and used for their healing and therapeutic qualities. The combination of acupressure, massage and Neal’s Yard organic aromatherapy oils has a deeply nourishing and regenerating effect on your skin and will leave you feeling re-balanced and renewed. 


anetai lotus


‘I really enjoyed Thai Massage. It was marvellous! As well as feeling stretched I felt deeply relaxed. Possibly the most relaxed I have ever felt!

Aneta’s touch was just right regarding pressure and my neck pain has gone. A general feeling of emotional and physical well being. Thank you.’

Paula Erol

‘Get a massage from Aneta… it was wonderful. I’m not usually one for such things, but I truly think it opened some doors or something. It’s changed me, for the better. Thank you xxx.’

Ceri Anne Diffley

‘Aneta is a very attentive practitioner. She has made me very comfortable during the session, which only enhanced my experience as I was able to surrender & let go. Aneta focused more on the arms area as I came in complaining of discomfort/pain.

I feel relaxed & lighter physically as well as mentally. Really enjoyed this session and will definitely come back for more and recommend to friends and family.’

Ewelina Chmielecka


You can contact Aneta if you have any questions regarding Thai Yoga Massage and to book your treatment session on 0754 3973841 or email: 

Appointments available during the weekdays, evenings and weekends at the studio. 


Special Deal: 

Package of 2 x 2 hour sessions – £120 

Package of 4 x 2 hour sessions – £220 



1 hour treatment £45 

1.5 hour treatment £55

2 hour treatment £65 

2.5 hour treatment £75 


Thai Yoga Massage Treatment


You do not need Paypal account as you can choose to pay with Debit Card. 

Any cancellations with less than 24 hours’ notice will be liable in full. 

This treatment can be purchased with Gift vouchers.


‘I feel free, its as if I have had a deep cleanse. I feel light & easy in my body. Excellent.’

Ashley Moseley

‘I was a little anxious at first as I didn’t know what to expect. But Aneta is so warm and such a relaxing lady that I soon relaxed myself.

It was so much more than I expected and I feel energised and so much more open than before. Thank you. I will definitely book again.’

Katie Huntley

‘Hugely interesting to experience all the sensations. Like being introduced to my body, especially the legs. Very fluid. Very warming especially in the back. Made me feel so much more aware of my breathing. Also aware of my trust in Aneta, this was an important point. Yes, amazing.’

Janice Biggs

‘Such a wonderful experience. I feel thoroughly relaxed and rejuvenated. My shoulders feel looser. The warmth in Aneta’s hands felt amazing. I would recommend her to anyone. I look forward to more treatments in the future. 5 stars!’

Alex Smith

‘Brilliant experience! I have just been on a trip to paradise! It was lovely, so relaxing. I will definitely come again. Aneta is a wonderful therapist and teacher. Thank you xx.’

Hazel Buckley