Thriving Business Mandala 1-Year Group Programme


Thriving Business Mandala, Group Coaching Programme for Yoga Business, Yoga Business Mentor, Holistic Practitioner, Buiness Health Coach, Business Mentor


1-year Group Mentoring & Coaching Programme



for Yoga Teachers & Therapists, Bodyworkers, Coaches and Wellness Professionals who want to share their passion, expertise and build their own THRIVING, SOUL-LED and NERVOUS SYSTEM FRIENDLY BUSINESS



Do you want to grow your wellness business and take it to a next level?

Are you a qualified Coach or Movement Teacher, Yoga teacher/Therapist, Holistic Coach or Bodyworker, and you love your work? You have students and clients who love your work too – but you keep hitting overwhelm or even burnout?

Would you love to work with more students and clients – sharing what you love and creating consistent income from your work with more ease but are wondering how to do this without feeling overwhelm or working many more hours?

I know you are resourceful and self-motivated and you really want to find a solution to create your most sustainable and thriving business. You are committed and capable and you love your work but you keep hitting a wall.

Maybe you’ve done some free training and webinars, and maybe you even paid for some training on how to build your coaching, yoga and wellness business.

It might even seem clear what you need to do but somehow you are not able to do it and show up in a consistent way.

Maybe you are able to stay on track with your marketing and sales but it’s not consistent yet to make a real difference in your business and life, and take you to your next level.

And you are wondering how the heck you can change that. You keep wondering if you are missing something…


If that’s you – then you are in the right place. I’ve got you.


I’ve been training, mentoring and coaching many practitioners for over 20 years – initially front line workers and volunteers in various projects in Social Care, and later many yoga teachers/therapists and wellness practitioners.

I’ve also been coaching private clients, and teaching yoga and mindfulness for over 13 years, and I’ve been fully self-employed for over 7 years. Running my own business meant I had to learn how to do it effectively in order to support myself and my family. I’ve tried lots of different approaches and attended many business training programmes and I have to admit I struggled because many of them were not nervous system friendly.

This mentoring and coaching programme was created in response to what I hear in so many of my mentoring and training sessions with other practitioners – coaches/yoga teachers/therapists/bodyworkers – all sharing how challenging it is to create their business to share their expertise and passion for more impact and consistent profit, and how lonely it can feel to try to work it out by themselves.

I see so many practitioners work very hard every day for not enough return on the amount of time, energy and effort they put in, and exerience frustration and overwhelm, and sometimes even burnout.


If you are a coach/yoga teacher/therapist/bodyworker/wellness practitioner who is doing ‘all-the-things’, running around teaching many classes and seeing clients but not seeing clear results and feeling confused and frustrated – this 1-year programme is for you.

If you want to create an abundant life for yourself and your family from your work and passion – this programme is for you.

If you want to share your expertise and passion in a way that makes a big impact and transformation for your students and clients, and within your community – this programme is for you.


How would it feel to learn how to create your soul-led and wholehearted business that brings consistent students/clients, allows you to make a big impact as you support your community, and creates flexible freedom and financial independence for you?


This 1-year Thriving Business Mandala Mentoring and Coaching Group Programme is for Somatic Coaches and Practitioners, Yoga, Mindfulness & Movement Teachers, Yoga Therapists, Wellness Coaches, Bodyworkers and service-based practitioners who are ready to share their experience and expertise by doing what they love, show up fully on their own terms and become leaders in their community.

This is a hybrid programme that brings together insightful on-demand and live training, with weekly live mentoring and coaching calls and on-going support, teaching you how to trust your inner guidance, learn to put simple and effective systems in place, and scale to create a soul-led business that is aligned with your energy, your rhythm and is nervous system friendly – to stop overworking and overwhelm.

This programme is results focused and soul-led – to help you build a business that reflects your definition of success, helps you create flexible freedom and financial independence, and move from inconsistent £1-3K to consistent £2-5K months and above. Money is one of the best resources we can use for social change within our communities – when you reconnect within, follow your soul’s deepest call and thrive financially – you can help others thrive too.

There is no cookie-cutter approach here – your business is unique just like you and it requires the same approach. Yes, there are some foundations and principles that you need to have in place but these could look differently to other practitioners’ solutions. There is no one perfect way of running your successful and thriving business – and instead it has to be build on your strengths and passion.

This coaching and mentoring programme is all about community – it offers a safe container of high level of support, accountability and results focused strategy – without creating burnout, overwhelm or working all-hours.


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Yoga Business Coaching and Mentoring, Business Coaching and Mentoring

How would your life and work change if you had consistent students/clients and consistent income in your business?

How would it feel to stop the feast & famine as well as burnout cycles and instead enjoy doing what you love most?

This is what you can achieve in 1 year with soul-led and wholehearted business training, weekly live coaching and mentoring, on-going support with accountability, and embodied personal growth.

You create your results – how your business will look in 6 months, 1 year or 5 years time depends on your thoughts and beliefs, embodied emotions and who you feel you are – and the resulting actions you take.




This group is for women – because as women we need safe spaces where we feel understood and supported – and as women we know the power of cycles and the price of burnout we pay when we don’t honour these cycles.

That’s why this Thriving Business Mandala Mentoring Group is build on bringing together yin & yang energies – a feminine energy – one that is soulful, intuitive, collaborative and with compassionate boundaries, AND a masculine energy – with focus on taking aligned action, strategy and creating a clear path for our big visions and a positive and healing impact in our communities.

And everything we do we will be checking against our embodied wisdom and nervous system responses. Because you can do anything but not everything is right for you, your nervous system regulation, your life and how you work best.




Thriving Business Mandala, Yoga Business Mentor, Yoga Business Coach
  • Module 1, 2 & 3: FOUNDATIONS for Your Wholehearted and Thriving Business:
    • Mindset + Beliefs (M1)
    • Best Productivity Structures (M1)
    • Know your numbers (M1)
    • Your Vision for your Business (M2)
    • Your Heartfelt Mission (M2)
    • Your Aligned Business Model (M2)
    • Plan your week for next 3/6/12 months for best results + Long term plan (M3)
  • Module 4: Clarity about Your Specialised Unique Offer
    • Your Expertise
    • Your Embodied Story
    • Your Specialised Answer to a Heartfelt Problem
    • Your Signature Offering/Programme/Course
  • Module 5: From inconsistent to consistent students/clients
    • Grow your Tribe Strategy – Visibility and Consistency
    • Attract + Connect with New Students/Clients Strategy
    • Nurture Your Tribe Strategy
    • Invite Your Students/Clients to Work with you Strategy
    • Simple Systems for predictable results
  • Module 6: Your Embodied Wisdom Path – Build your confidence, deep self-belief and self-trust
    • Nervous system regulation for business success
    • Working with resistance and your inner saboteurs – Safe Protectors – Inner Critic, The Imposter, The People Pleaser, etc.
    • Working with Embodied Wisdom Allies
    • Meditations and Somatic Practices for Inner Connection, Stability and Self-regulation


Yoga Business Mandala, Yoga Business Mentor, Yoga Business Coach, Yoga Business Training



  • We will work together over 12 months and we will be honouring our work-rest cyclesWe plan for 90 day sprints but work in line with your schedule and with our weekly coaching calls – 3 weeks of calls with last week of the month focused on integration. This helps us to connect with our own rhythm and achive consistent results without burnout or overwhelm.
  • Quarterly Planning Retreat – 3-hour group planning session with workbooks – for your next 90 days to help you create the best strategy for your results
    • TBC
  • Weekly Schedule for your actions and results – for accountability, learning and focus on what’s most important.
  • Quarterly Planner Retreat Workbooks – to help you plan out your 90 day strategy and plan of action
  • Fortnightly 60 mins Group Mentoring & Coaching Calls for implementation, support and accountability on Tuesdays at 2.30pm UK time. We have our live calls for first 3 weeks of each month with last week no live calls to give you time for integration. All calls will be recorded so you can watch in your own time if you’re unable to attend live.
  • Private FB group for ongoing support and community. If you cannot join us for live calls – you can ask questions in our FB group and get all the support you need there. I will be answering your questions – in writing or in video form.
  • Modules with Video training Masterclasses for you to follow and implement
  • Video Library with the recordings of all pervious sessions: trainings, Mentoring and Coaching Calls and Qarterly Planning Retreats
  • Resource Library: Checklists for Business Foundations, Simple Launch Strategy, Simple Nurture Strategy, etc.
  • Additional trainings: Embodied Mindset for Success, Grow Your Audience, etc.




This programme is for you if:

> You are resourceful and self-motivated, you love your work and you get good results for your students/clients. You want to make a real difference in your community.

> You want to build a sustainable, soul-led and wholehearted thriving business on your own terms where you can serve your community without burnout or working all-hours or spending all your time on social media. 

> You feel it’s time to take your work to a next level to serve AND build financial stability for yourself and your family. You might have a dream/vision for your business and need to build systems and have support + accountability for as you create and build your business. 

> You have a schedule of classes and clients but you are tired and struggling AND you know there must be a better way to work and do what you love, and you are ready to show up and learn.


This programme is not for you if:

> You are just starting your business and are completely unclear about what your passions and strengths are. Or if you prefer 1-2-1 mentoring and coaching or want to work on a specific project – If you need more personalised help I offer 6-month 1-2-1 Mentoring and Coaching Programme – Find out all info HERE

> You want to learn about the nervous system in context of coaching others, and train as Trauma-informed Somatic Teacher and Coach for Women. I train practitioners in this coaching modality through my Golden Mandala Yoga-Soma Institute and you can find all info HERE

> You want to learn how to teach trauma-informed yoga. If you want to train as trauma-informed yoga teacher I run regular CPDs and 80-Hr Trauma-informed yoga & Embodied Resilience teacher training courses – Find out all info here: HERE



Thriving Business Mandala, Yoga Business Training, Yoga Business Mentor

Still not sure if this programme is right for you?

Book your free call with me HERE and let’s talk

I’ll be happy to answer all your questions



 Join now to receive additional benefits:

Lock in your price if you decide to continue with the TBM programme after you complete your full initial 12 months (you can choose to sign up to continue for additional 6 or 12 months)





Your THRIVING BUSINESS MANDALA Programme Investment:


Invest in Full – £1850 –

Invest with 12 instalments – 12 monthly payments of £159



Please note there are no refunds for this programme and when you sign up you commit to pay the full amount. Over the past few years I have been a part of many group coaching programmes and mastermind groups and I know first hand how expensive they can be. This is why I kept the price for this 1-year group programme low to make it accessible for yoga teachers/therapists and coaches. I know you can get your investment back during this programme when you engage in the calls, complete all Modules and follow shared strategies.





> When does the THRIVING BUSINESS MANDALA 1-year programme start?

You can join the TBM programme any time to start at the beginning of each month with an Orientation Call facilitated just for new members joining that month.

Once you sign up and pay (in full or your first instalment) for the TBM programme you will be able to book your Super Bonus 1 – 1-2-1 mentoring + coaching session with me. This can be done before or after your Orientation Call.

> How many modules are there as part of the THRIVING BUSINESS MANDALA programme?

There are 6 Modules in the programme. When you join the programme – you will have access to all Modules that have been released already and all recordings of previous weekly mentoring and coaching sessions and Quarterly Planning Retreats.

There are also other trainings in the library of resources and I am delivering new training regularly. In January 2023 we did Embodied Mindset 4-week training – working on our mindset and bringing our somatic wisdom into it.

> How do I sign up for the THRIVING BUSINESS MANDALA programme?

You can sign up straight away by making a payment in full or by setting up your installment plan – via this page and included links on this page. If you have any questions and would like to talk with me before signing up you can schedule your no obligation call HERE

> What will happen when I sign up with a payment?

When you sign up with a payment and I receive a notification that your payment came through – I will send you a Welcome Email with all details and links. Please note it might take up to 24 hours for you to receive our Welcome Email. If you have not received a Welcome Email within 24 hours please contact me via Contact Page.

> I’m not sure if this programme is right for me – can we talk?

Yes! You can book in for a free call with me if you have questions about this programme and would like to discuss whether it is right for you and your business. Book your free call via my calendar: HERE

> Are any 1-2-1 sessions included in the programme?

All calls within the TBM programme are group calls – weekly mentoring and coaching, Quarterly Retreats and bonus Masterclasses. I currently offer a super bonus of 60-mins 1-2-1 session (worth £135) included in the price of the main YBM programme.

If you’d like to add 1-2-1 sessions you can do this by signing up for ALL-INCLUSIVE SUPPORT Investment, which includes 12 online 1-2-1 mentoring & coaching sessions alongside the main group programme. These sessions can be takes fortnightly or monthly alongside the main YBM programme calls.

> Do I have to be a trauma-informed yoga teacher to benefit from this programme?

NO! The TBM Programme is created to be nervous-system friendly and is suitable for any yoga teacher/therapist or wellness practitioner who wants to build their soul-led and wholehearted business in a way that supports their own nervous systeme and wellbeing.

I don’t teach you trauma-informed approach in this progamme but we talk a lot about checking all decisions against your nervous system responses.

> What is your Refund Policy?

I don’t offer any refunds for THRIVING BUSINESS MANDALA 1-year programme. Please take your time before you enrol and sign up for this programme.

Book a free call with me if you are not sure whether this programme is right for you.

> Do you offer any discounts for THRIVING BUSINESS MANDALA Programme?

No, there are no discounts for the TBM programme. But I offer a 12-month installment plan option, which is kept low to make it manageable even if you are on a lower income right now.

I have personal experience of being part of similar business mentoring programmes that charge much higher prices to participate in. I decided to keep this programme at a lower price end because I believe that all self-employed practitioners and business owners need this kind of support and education.

However, the price of this programme will increase to reflect the vaule of the programme.

> What is your guarantee of results?

This is a mentoring and coaching programme designed to help you build your business in a way that is aligned with your Vision and passion, and will bring in more opportunities and more income.

I can guarantee that if you follow the programme, implement all tasks, take part in weekly mentoring and coaching sessions – you will grow your business skills with more understanding and confidence, strengthen your inner self-belief, raise your visibility and bring more students/clients and therefore more income.

This is why this programme is 1-year long. There are many programmes out there that are 3 months long for a similar price. But I know that change and growth take time, energy and consistency. In this programme you will work with me and the programme for 4 x 90 days – four plans to follow and implement, four sprints of aligned consistent action with accountability, and four in-depth reviews. If you engage with the programme you will see big results within that year.

> Have you got any other questions?

If you have any other questions that I did not cover here – please contact me via Contact Page or book in your free call with me via my calendar HERE. I’ll be happy to talk with you.