Trusting Your Inner Wisdom

Trusting Your Inner Wisdom

Trusting Your Inner Wisdom

Trusting our own Inner Wisdom is one of the most challenging things in life. We are surrounded by ‘experts’ telling us how to live our lives, what’s good for us and what we should avoid.

But have you noticed that when you follow some of that advice you feel worse rather than better?

It’s because we are all very different and we need different things and our needs change throughout our lives. As a woman in my 20s I had very different needs than now when I’m in my mid 40s. My needs have changed on all levels – body, emotions, mind and soul.

So often we get caught up in the detail of the advice rather than looking at the bigger picture. And so to gain a deeper understanding we need to look at our needs in the context of our lives – our relationships, living conditions, work or business, health and obligations.

This is the reason why so many of us set the health or business goals and then fall short or give up altogether. We set them from the mind level. It simply comes from ‘I should’ story.

>> I know I should drink more water but I forget.
>> I know I should exercise or do yoga every day but I haven’t got an hour for myself.
>> I know I should go to bed earlier to get more rest but that’s the only time I have for myself.
>> I know I should speak to my business partner about his/her pushing of the boundaries but >> I’m not good with confrontations and it might make things worse.
>> I know I should look for another job but at least I know my current job well and it’s secure.
>> I know I should do something about feeling burned out but I can’t stop, I have to keep going.
>> I know I should prioritise my health and wellbeing more but I have too many things to do.
>> I know I should make changes because it’s not good for me but it has to wait.

I hear it every day when I chat with my clients. And often this cycle will repeat itself for a long time – we try for few days and then give up, then try again and give up again.

And I know how it feels. I did it for many years. When I was tired and things were not working – I simply tried harder. I believed that if only I really wanted it to work and I tried hard enough it would be ok.
Instead I burned out and my physical and mental health suffered. Even just thinking about it make me feel tired.

So how do you come back home to yourself when you’ve got so lost in the busy-ness of life?

The only way is to simplify and come back to basics.

You take time to pause, turn inward and connect with the wisdom of your body.
You ask and listen to the feedback from your body, not the story coming from the mind.

Yes, it takes practice, time and commitment.

But so does any other relationship you care about. And you live with yourself 24/7.

But it doesn’t have to take hours each day. It just has to create a positive and strong momentum.

And you might need support – sometimes more and sometimes less, depending on your needs. Doing it on your own is always harder.

So take some time today, get yourself comfortable on a chair or a bed, soften into that support underneath you, bring your awareness inward and just notice how you are in this moment – body, emotions, mind and breath. And spend some time with yourself, learning to trust that Inner Wisdom within you.

And if you’d like some help with creating healthy¬†habits to support you on your wellness or business journey get in touch and let’s see if we can work together. Check the options for working together HERE.

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