Yoga Wellness Coaching

Our work together

Whichever way we work together – in a class, workshop, mini-retreat, retreat or one-to-one coaching programmes, I will show up fully and hold the space for you to process and connect with your experience and emotions. I will hold the safe space for you to be seen in your authenticity.

anetai lotus

You can work with me one-to-one in:

anetai lotus

We will work towards clear outcomes and results:

  • Kindness toward yourself 
  • Clarity and Insight 4614361396_163x108
  • More Joy less Stress 
  • Ease in your body and mind 
  • Autonomy and Freedom 
  • Connection to self, others and Life 
  • Healing from the Inside and Out

We will create ways of working suitable for your situation – in my studio, over the phone, or Skype.

anetai lotus

My work is guided by core values, which guide my approach:


We are all connected – with each other, our beautiful planet and Life. Your growth and healing is also my growth and healing, and anybody you come in contact with. We both benefit from our working together.


We are both human beings doing our best in this life. Sometimes it’s not pretty or what we would like it to be but that’s ok. We grow and learn by bringing a quality of kindness and self-compassion to our own experiences and to our interactions with people around us.


We both show up as we are and stay open in our communication however challenging. We allow ourselves to be vulnerable and make mistakes on this journey. We connect with our Inner Wisdom and trust it’s messages. 


We explore and have fun on this journey, turning towards joy, ease and fulfilment. We will follow Inside Out Understanding of our experience and create a joyful reality.

anetai lotus