Mindful and Somatic Wellness Coaching

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Mindful and Somatic Wellness Coaching focuses on 3 main outcomes:

  • Clarity
  • Ease 
  • Integrity

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When we don’t have clarity we become confused and overwhelmed, often resulting in being reactive and stressed/anxious. We start focusing on external circumstances and trying to change them. We try to implement other experts and other people advice – usually unsuccessfully. 

We forget that it all starts with us – our inner experience – and wether we have understanding and skills to create our own life from inside-out. 

Having clarity about your inner experience in the moment – body, emotions, felt-senses and mind allows you to understand yourself deeply and respond to your needs, other people and Life with compassion. 


When we lack clarity it leads to a sense of un-ease and feeling overwhelmed and then to high levels of stress with it’s frantic mind and chronic tension in the body. It can make us feel like our body and mind become our enemy, leaving us feeling exhausted and powerless. 

When we understand how we create our experience from inside-out we start bringing more ease into your whole experience and allowing your Being to become more integrated. We become our best friend again, release tension from our body, experience calm and peace within our mind. We start creating more space and ease in everything we do. 


Integrity is about creating a life and wellbeing that is about who you really are and is aligned with your deepest values. It’s about ‘walking your talk’ in all areas of life: health, relationships, work/business, environment and how you live on our Planet Earth. 

Often we are congruent in some parts of our lives but in others we feel uneasy about experiencing cognitive dissonance – we know deep down that we are living out of alignment with what we care about. We cannot find relief even if we’re trying to numb those emotions out. 

When we bring more awareness into how we are living and showing up – on our mat, within our body and in our life – we can then start taking more skilful action, bringing more harmony and balance. We bring full integration within our whole Being. We begin to feel connected and like we really belong within this Life. 


anetai lotus

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