Spring is here!

Spring is a time of renewal and growth. In Yoga and Ayurvedic traditions this time is to reflect, detox and re-adjust. Not only spring cleaning your environment but also your body, heart and mind. We often take time to clear our houses and cars, have a haircut or have our nails done. All of those are important. Yet how often do we take time to reflect on and simplify our daily habits to bring more harmony and ease into our being?

Many of us think that simplifying is about cutting out things, often the ones we enjoy the most (chocolate anyone?). But we can approach it differently, in more kindly and compassionate way. We can slowly add new habits that will support our lifestyle and help us cultivate our Prana (life force).

Simple habits such as eating lighter meals in the evenings or drinking more water throughout the day can have a major effect on your energy levels. Having a regular yoga or meditation practice in the mornings (15mins is great!) help you start your days with much clearer focus. Everything we do daily is a habit that you created at some point and repeated daily.

This year as part of my usual April Spring Detox I made few small changes. The one that made the biggest difference for me was eating earlier and lighter dinners. When I was working in Social Care I was lucky if I ate my lunch away from my computer or in rush between appointments or meetings. Sometimes I simply did not have much to eat and by the time I arrived back home from work at 6.30pm or 7pm I was very hungry. I ended up eating a large meal at 8pm, trying to satisfy my hunger.

I simply swapped the amounts around – a bigger lunch and smaller dinner. Eating my dinner earlier and having a smaller portion allows me digest my food before going to bed. I am sleeping better and my constipation is completely gone. And I wake up early refreshed.

Take some time to reflect – what is one habit that could really support your lifestyle right now? What is one thing you can do each day to build overtime into a supportive and nourishing habit?

Let me know!
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