Press release – yoga and mindfulness for teachers in Thanet


Priory Infant School, Ramsgate introduces mindfulness

One of first Thanet schools to trial with teachers

Teachers better able to cope with stress; positive impact on children 

11 May 2016: Priory Infant School, Ramsgate is delighted to be one of the first schools in Thanet to introduce mindfulness coaching to staff to support their wellbeing at work. With pupils and teachers under ever more pressure, we can all use a little breathing space.

The teachers who have taken part in our course have already reported improved sleep and better stress management. One said: ‘As an individual who does not usually exercise and has never considered or even heard of the concept of mindfulness, this practice has been an enlightening and educational experience on so many levels…. At work and at home, I can now deal with stressful situations in a calmer and more collected way. I am now less uptight and anxious and my self-esteem and self-belief have both improved. In addition, I have started to incorporate mindfulness into my lessons and this has helped to calm and focus my class. I have also started to plan in short daily reflective times where we listen to calming music and consider how we are feeling at that specific moment. This is having a positive impact on the children’s learning.’

Senior leaders described the weekly experience as ‘energising and incredibly valuable’. They have noticed that participating staff appear more relaxed and report feeling fitter and happier. They are now looking forward to monitoring the positive impact of mindfulness on the children’s well-being and their readiness to learn.

Mindfulness practice, for both pupils and teachers, is being trialled in schools around the country and has been shown to be successful in helping children manage their behaviour and cope with anxiety; if it’s good enough for Tonbridge School, its good enough for Priory Infant!

Mindfulness is taught at the school by Aneta Idczak from Ramsgate’s More Than Yoga Studio. Aneta teaches yoga, mindfulness and well-being for schools and individuals. For more information, please see or email

  1. Mindfulness practice has been extensively researched in recent years, and has shown many mental and physical benefits. It decreases stress, anxiety and depression, and improves mood and general wellbeing. It helps reduce physical exhaustion and improve the quality of sleep. It improves memory and attention span, and helps express creativity by reducing negative attitude. It aids many physical conditions such as chronic pain and high blood pressure. These are just a few of the recognised benefits of regular mindfulness practice.

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