Thursday little Self-Trust


Thursday little Self-trust

Have you noticed how cats can relax so easily?

They simply get comfortable, flop down and rest. No fuss, no wondering if they should do it or not, no wondering if they deserve it.

I love watching our cat Spike chilling out with pure joy and a smile on his face 😉 

We can spend so much time questioning and doubting ourselves. 
Analysing every word and choice. 
Feeling overwhelmed or anxious.

But how would it feel to just say to yourself: 

> And notice what comes up in in response to it.

> Welcome it all with kindness and friendliness.

> Acknowledge it and listen deeply to what it has to say.

> Notice how it changes when you give it your full attention with kindness and mindful presence.

And then make choices about your health, relationships and life from that space of kindness and acceptance.

>> How would your life change then? 

So today as you move through your day and the usual doubts come up simply say to yourself: I AM ENOUGH.

And hold your whole experience with kindness and friendliness.


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