How to build self-trust

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Building your self-trust

I woke up today at 2am. Second night in a row.
But today I was unable to go back to sleep.
Something was pulling on my attention. Something that I could not name yet but very distinct nevertheless. Demanding attention and acknowledgement.

So I got up, made some tea and settled down under my orange blanket. I love that blanket, its colour and warmth brings me so much comfort.

And I started journaling – just writing all the thoughts and stories my mind has been bringing up over the past few days. And there’s been a lot going on. So much change and growth.

I started from the level of my mind to clear some space and to settle down. Too many things pulling on my attention at the same time.

And once I wrote many pages in my journal (and had another cup of tea) I felt more settled, like all those parts within me felt more heard.

This allowed me to drop within my body and notice what else needed my attention.

And here it was… the thing yet unknown and vague but clearly present. A felt-sense.

A heaviness in my chest, like a heavy stone.

I said hello to it.

There was an emotional quality to it.

And a image came with it too.

Yes, it’s clearly related to a current life situation.

I sat with it, listened to it, felt it in my body, with curiosity and kindness. It had a lot to say.

But a different thing to the story my mind said earlier. And I acknowledged it with kindness and compassion.

Ohhhh… that’s what’s it’s really about.

I asked it what it needed. And listened again.

And then I felt a distinct shift in my body, like a relief and release. It felt heard.

The beauty of showing up for yourself regularly is that you build a sense of inner trust.

How does it translate to your daily life?


You notice what’s really going on for you and you start making decisions and choices from this more grounded and present space.

You stop sacrificing your peace of mind and integrity just so you can be accepted by others and belong.

Because you realise that this kind of belonging has a very high price.

And you end the war within.

This is what made a huge difference in my life.

And that’s what I teach my clients.


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