World Values Day

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Thanet Soroptimists for World Values Day 

Friday 19th October 2019

7pm to 9pm 

at Archive, 17 Military Road, Ramsgate CT11 


Our local THANET SOROPTIMIST women’s group is presenting this event to celebrate WORLD VALUES DAY and to raise awareness of what still needs to be done to EDUCATE, ENABLE and EMPOWER women and girls to build safe and peaceful communities. 

At 7.30pm we will host a workshop: THE HEALING POWER OF BREATH.  This year World Values Day’s focus is on Wellness and creating behaviours that promote wellness and self-care. This workshop will teach you the simple science about what makes breath so vital for our wellbeing and how you can use it in your daily life to help you feel grounded, more connected and empowered. 

Come and experience gentle way of enhancing your wellbeing with the healing power of breath, which is accessible to all irrespective of the level of their fitness or health. 

We will also talk about our Soroptimist Group, our values-led local and international activities and how you could take part. Our group is getting Chartered as a club in November and we are open for new members. 

Karen Vost, a local artist will join us to show her portraits of women persecuted for standing up for women’s rights. 

This event is FREE. But we ask that if you can offer a donation of £1 to our women’s group to support our projects and activities that would be much appreciated. 


Here are some other highlights of the celebrations and ways you can take part: 


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We participated in World Values Day for the past 3 years. Our great community took active part in it. Here are some photos taken on the day by our students:


Here is a great video created by World Values Day team to kick start your challenge: