Our Paths to Integration Podcast


New podcast to be launched SOON!



–  For yoga and movement teachers

on becoming embodied leaders


This is a different kind of podcast…

… the kind that invites you to slow down a little, listen deeply and take time to connect with your own insights, and to integrate them in an embodied way. 

In the world that is constantly busy and manically rushing forward even stories and deeply nourishing gifts can become just another thing to consume quickly and move on to the next thing. 

Each month I will introduce one yoga teacher who’s story and work I thought is inspiring and making a real difference to our yoga community. I will invite them to have a conversation with me over 3 podcast episodes. And take you on a journey through their unique story, their wisdom and their unique gift for our community. 

Slowing down in this way to connect with another over 3 weeks will allow you time to reflect, process and integrate whatever pearls of wisdom you receive. 


I will be sharing more info soon…


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