There are 3 ways you can practice embodied and yin yoga, mindfulness and somatic movement with me

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Embodied yogini path


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My style of teaching yoga:

I teach Body Wisdom Yoga which is Embodied Mindful Yoga and Mindfulness, Somatic and Functional Movement, Yin Yoga and Restorative Yoga.

My focus of teaching is coming back into embodied wholeness using embodiment practices, breath and present mindful experience. It’s all about living more in your body, finding more ease and moving without pain, struggle or forcing. It’s about connecting and opening to our vitality, joy and a sense of being fully alive.

When we slow down and bring our mindful awareness within our bodies and our practice becomes a joyful exploration and an inner enquiry. We can learn so much about ourselves on the mat – how we show up for ourselves and our habitual ways of doing things. Over a period of time our practice and what we learn spreads into every aspect of our lives off the mat.

Over the past 11 years I’ve taught over 5000 hours official hours (plus many more not recorded hours). Combine that with over 26 years of personal practice and countless trainings and courses and being a book worm – I bring together a unique blend of embodied mindful teaching.


This embodied slow mindful yoga with focus on breath and embodiment as well as yin yoga helps us to slow down and switch off our stress response. And the same time strengthen your body at slow incremental pace.


Benefits of this type of yoga:

  • helps you re-connect with your body and it’s wisdom
  • improves energy, especially when you’re fatigued
  • reduces pain and chronic tension in the body
  • reduces depression and low feelings
  • helps calm the mind – reduces anxiety and hyperalertness
  • nourishes your digestive system as nervous system switches into ‘rest & digest’ response
  • improves chronic conditions and strengthens the body
  • helps us live more in the body and develop self-compassion and self-acceptance 

These practices help us learn how to live an embodied life and thrive with calm and ease, and become more resilient in our busy world.

And they are suitable for complete beginners!