The Embodied Resilience Project


The Embodied Resilience Project, trauma-informed yoga, Kent, resilience for charities


The Embodied Resilience Project

Body-focused Resilience and Support for Challenging Times

For Emotional Wellbeing


This wellness and resilience programme was created to offer support in the current lockdown situation. The project offers a friendly and inviting space to connect and explore how you are coping, and help you learn easy body-focused resilience tools and practices they can use daily to support their emotional wellbeing.

This series can be run as 6-week wellness sessions programme, which adopts a holistic approach to embodied resilience that focuses on empowerment, motivation and building confidence.

The sessions are based on a mix of psycho-educational material, mindfulness and embodied resilience bottom-up approaches to provide individuals with the skills, confidence and resources to learn how to self-regulate and better deal with everyday stress.

This project is suitable for organisations and charities who want to support their staff or their clients in learning simple body-focused resilience building techniques to help them learn and develop self-care practices for better coping strategies.

I am bringing together my experience of 20 years working with trauma and complex needs clients and families as well as my experience of teaching trauma-informed yoga, mindfulness, resilience and embodiment/ somatic practices. You can read about my story and experience here.

I am currently working with local charities offering this programme.

Contact me if you would like to find out more at:

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