Retreats & Workshops

Retreats & Workshops are the best way to take your yoga practice and wellness deeper and focus on a particular area of yoga or wellness. Over the past 8 years I’ve run regular workshops and Day Retreats throughout the year and I really love teaching them.

During a retreat/workshop you will be learning a wider range of yogic tools and embodiment practices to create powerful and long lasting impact in your life. I will introduce you to some ancient and some more modern yogic tools that are not always available in the every day yoga for wellness classes.

​When you attend a Retreat or a workshop you can expect to learn new tools that will enhance your experience of yoga and yourself and the world. 



Embodied Yogini Online Retreats 

A time for deep soulful nourishment for women  

Dates:  TBC

Saturday 9.30am to 12pm via private Zoom meeting room

Calling all yoginis – women who would like to immerse in half-day retreat of deep soulful nourishment with movement, breath, mindful embodied and yin yoga and embodied listening with journalling.




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Embodied Wisdom Day Retreats 

A day of deep soulful nourishment for women 

Date TBC for 2021

9.30 to 16.30

with Aneta Idczak 

Run at: TBC

Calling all yoginis – women who would like to immerse in a day of deep soulful nourishment with movement, breath and mindful yoga and embodied listening. I know only too well how busy our lives can be and how challenging it can be to find time for ourselves as women. This is why I created this unique day for us to come together – a women’s sanctuary for the day.



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