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Private Yoga and Somatic Sessions are focused on your unique needs.

Yoga as a healing journey is a very personal journey.

You are unique – you have unique body, past experiences, lifestyles, work/career, fitness levels and ability, even your experience of illness and trauma.

Our focus is on your needs and working in a private session allows all those individual needs to be addressed, something that is impossible in a group class.

In Private Yoga and Somatic Movement Sessions we work towards your individual goals, allowing you to grow at your own pace and address any concerns.

You will receive resources (pdf, audio meditations, yoga practice sheets, practice videos) to help you create or further build your home practice suitable for your needs and requirements.


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Embodied Mindful Yoga and Somatic Movement can help you:

>> design your perfect yoga, movement, mindfulness and somatic movement routine / practice
>> learn how to calm your mind and regulate nervous system
>> gain more mobility and flexibility
>> increase your range of motion through fascial release
>> improve your sense of balance and stability
>> increase and deepen your breath to relax
>> create more ease and flow in your body
>> strengthen your body
>> get more clarity of mind and focus
>> learn to bring more compassion and loving-kindness for yourself and others
>> deepen your connection to your body wisdom and inner guidance


Are Private Yoga and Somatic Movement sessions suitable for you?

YES! They suitable for anyone who’d like to heal through the body and deepen their practice.

You can decide that you might benefit from working with me in private sessions to allow for full attention to your individual needs and requirements.


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One to one types of sessions I can help you with: 

• Yoga for Trauma Recovery with yoga, somatic movement and embodied resilience – You are recovering from trauma, serious illness or live with a chronic condition 

• Introduction to Mindful Embodied Yoga and Embodiment practices – You are new to yoga and feel it would be more comfortable for you to start your practice with more attention to your individual needs. Some students start with one to one sessions and then move on to regular group classes

• Up-level your yoga practice – You have been practicing yoga for a while and want to learn to become more embodied in your practice, learn to regulate your nervous system through yoga and somatic movement practices and take the wisdom of yoga off the mat and into your daily life. 

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My expertise is in teaching private yoga and somatic movement sessions. 

Over the past 11 years I’ve taught over 5000 ‘official’ hours. Combine that with over 26 years of personal practice and countless trainings and courses (and being a book worm 🙂 – I bring together a unique blend of mindful teaching – one that focuses on somatic movement working with fascial release, embodiment practices, breath and self-in-presence.

I teach mindful embodied yoga, yin yoga and mindfulness, somatic movement, breathwork, embodiment practices and Embodied Listening (Inner Relationship Focusing).

When you practice this way it helps you create more connection, harmony, strength and ease within your body and your whole experience. It changes how you are as a person and the effects spread from your yoga mat to every part of your life.


.What’s the difference between 1-2-1 private yoga and somatic movement session and a group class? 

Great question! Watch the video I recorded to answer to this question:



I offer 30 mins FREE Consultations 

You can schedule your free consultation straight into my calendar or purchase a package through the same link.

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You can also contact me on: 0754 3973841 or email:


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Would you like to take your wellbeing to a next level? 

Maybe you are thinking about practicing yoga because you want to make more holistic changes in your wellbeing and life?

If that’s the case I created a signature 3-month coaching programme Embodied Resilience and Wisdom Coaching, which includes yoga practices too.

CLICK HERE >>> to Embodied Wisdom Coaching page for more information <<



(you can pay with 2 monthly instalments for 10 sessions just contact me to arrange)

10 x Private Yoga Sessions package – £550

6 x Private Yoga Sessions package – £360

I now offer sessions online via Zoom or in Ramsgate, Broadstairs, Margate and Canterbury. Contact me for more info and to discuss your needs. 

When buying a package – your first session will last up to 90 mins, with all following lasting up to 60 mins. 

You can share your session with one friend or partner at no additional cost.


Yoga Private Sessions


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