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our 6-month MASTERMIND GROUP – Becoming Embodied Leaders starting 28th February 2022. A small group coaching and accountability for women. If you want to step up in your business & life then find out more HERE



Does it feel like you are doing all.the.things in your business and feeling exhausted and stuck?

Do you love teaching yoga and movement but can’t work out how to make it a sustainable without burning out?  


Then you are in the right place 

And you are not alone in your confusion and overwhelm. 

But… Now what…?

How do you create a yoga/movement business that you love?

How do you make it into a sustainable business rather than having an expensive hobby?

Without teaching 30 classes each week? Or burning out? Or quitting because you feel you just can’t make it work?

How do you find your own unique voice to stand out in a saturated market? 

How can you live your passion, create a business you love and stand out in the world that is training more and more yoga and movement teachers every day?


It’s challenging, especially when you try to do it on your own. 

Because completing 200 hrs or even 500 hrs training and qualifying as a yoga teacher does not prepare you to create a successful yoga or movement teacher career.

How do I know? 

I know because I’ve been there!

And I totally get it. 

I know only too well the frustration that comes with struggling financially and trying to fill your classes and workshops. I know how it feels to be burned out and on a verge of loosing your love for yoga. 

I know how it feels to question your choices and whether you can even continue following this path. 

It’s taken me over 12 years of teaching yoga and mindfulness ( almost 6 years full-time), running my yoga and wellness studio for over 6 years alongside of my full-time work, attending countless trainings as well as many business and coaching courses, working with many coaches, reading countless books, many sleepless nights and a lot of inner work to really learn what works for me…

Even though I had a successful career of 16 years in Social Care where I worked with individuals and families with trauma, mental health, addictions and child protection issues as well as training, managing and supervising workers, volunteers and child protection cases, I struggled with transitioning to being a yoga teacher. It felt like I was starting completely from scratch again. 

I found the process very confusing and frustrating. Especially the confusing advice given by so many business experts. It was a struggle to run my own yoga business with no clear guidelines on how to do something I love and pay my bills from it. 


That’s why I feel so passionate about helping you to find your own path – starting from Inside Out. 


Building a successful and sustainable yoga teacher career – the business that you love – takes more than just planning your sequence and teaching yoga asana.  Especially if you want to love what you do, follow your passion AND support your lifestyle and your family with your earnings from your work.

If you want to do it on the side as a hobby or because you love it and want to share it with the world – that’s great! Enjoy your journey and have fun!

But if you want to create a heart-led business that you love – following your passion, making a difference and having a positive impact as well as supporting yourself and your family from it – then you need to learn to create from your inner wisdom. To create something very unique that only you can create. And that sounds easier than it is.


Because creating a yoga and movement business that you love starts with YOU!


It all comes back to embracing your natural gifts and strengths and learning how to bring inner focusing into your yoga business. It is a process of inner integration of your past identity and skills with your identity and skills as a yoga and movement teacher/professional. 

To create a business you love requires you to get to know yourself well and develop inner self-trust and self-belief.

It calls for you to choose to trust your inner guidance more and more each day. Just like you do it when practicing yoga and movement that is right for your body – not just following blindly some guru. 

It asks of you to give yourself permission to be you – in the fullness of your unique expression. To be guided by your inner wisdom. 

My background is in over 2 decades working with people and helping them to build inner self-trust so they can heal within and live a life worth living. I left Social Care 6 years ago to follow my passion and teach yoga and mindfulness full-time. 

I am registered Senior Yoga Teacher, TrainerPRO and Mentor/YogaCoach with Yoga Alliance Professionals and Founder of Golden Mandala Yoga-Soma Institute, and I completely changed my career and life 3 times – you can read more about who I am and my journey HERE.

So I know how challenging it is to follow your passion. 

And I understand what is required to make this change with more ease and joy. 


So how can you live your passion, create a business you love and stand out in the world that is training more and more yoga and movement teachers every day?



Let me help you and take you through a process that helped me create a successful and sustainable yoga and wellness path.


There are 3 ways we can work together in mentoring:

> 6-month MASTERMIND GROUP starting Feb 2022

> 6-month 1-2-1 Mentoring Programme

> 2.5 hour ONLINE IMMERSION – business clarity session



6-Month Programme – Embody Wisdom of Teaching Yoga in your unique way

An in-depth 1-2-1 programme taking you through a process of creating a soulful, successful and sustainable yoga business – that is right just for you.

This programme is all about support and helping you to create a business you love and feel inspired with from the inside out. 

Bi-weekly sessions online via Zoom or in-person, where each call can be recorded and send to you for your reference. 

2.5 hour IMMERSION SESSION for Yoga Teachers 

These are intense 1-2-1 sessions designed as clarity calls.

We will focus on 1-3 topics in your yoga teaching business that you want clarity on and would like to move forward from an embodied wisdom space. We will use embodied deep listening – Focusing) to help you connect with your business alignment and clarity.

Recording can be available upon request in advance. 




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6-Month Programme – Embody Wisdom of Teaching Yoga in your unique way

An in-depth programme to help you find your unique voice and expression of teaching yoga in an embodied way. 

What you will get:

  • Initial 90 mins call followed by 11 x 60 mins sessions – via Skype/Zoom or in-person – taking place every other week
  • Assessment of where you are at in your yoga business
  • Recordings of all our zoom sessions 
  • Resources when needed 
  • Clarifying your unique vision + mission 
  • Finding your unique voice and niche
  • Simple and clear plan to follow (the most effective way) 
  • Accountability for our work together
  • Unlimited email support between sessions during our work together 


If you’d like to sign up for 6-month Mentoring Programme I offer 45 mins free consultation for us to talk and see if we are a good match to work together

Book your free call with me here: HERE


What will you learn in our work together:

  • Embodied Listening – also called Focusing – a skill that allows you to listen deeply to your own inner body wisdom that will guide you in all your decision making. A unique way of directing your path and creating something that is uniquely you.
  • Embodied wisdom – finally walk your talk! Wisdom on the mat and off the mat. 
  • Embodied facilitation skills – how do you hold a safe space for your students/clients. There are a set of skills you need to develop. 
  • Clarity, confidence and motivation – get clear on what works for you so you can experience feelings of confidence and motivation to create your dream life that come from having clarity about what to do next.
  • Answers to your practical questions on how to adjust your yoga and holistic business in these fast changing times.
  • Feeling empowered that comes from taking consistent action that comes from inside out – no more procrastinating or freezing because you don’t know what is the right thing to do in your business. 
  • Support, support, support – leave behind that feeling of having to figure it out alone. I’m here to help you work it out
  • My full attentions and focus. I already have a busy yoga and wellness practice so I only take 3 teachers at a time. I know from my work with clients and teachers as well as 16 years in Social Care work and training, supervising and managing front-line workers and volunteers that this process requires a lot of energy to be life-changing – and that’s what I want for you.


Your investment for 6 months: £1250

You can pay for 6-month programme with 6 monthly instalments of £208 – contact me to arrange. 

You can purchase this programme in full HERE


This 6-mth 1-2-1 mentoring programme is for you if:

  • you are a qualified teacher with life experience and/or another career 
  • you want to gain confidence and self-trust in your own decisions related to your yoga career path
  • you want support and guidance on how be a yoga teacher that stands out in a saturated market with integrity and authenticity 
  • you want to learn business and life skills that would be best for your yoga path
  • you want to integrate your past and present skills, knowledge and expertise
  • you want to put in the work through inner enquiry and taking action 
  • you want constructive feedback as you move forward
  • you want to create a career path that is nurturing to you and your clients


This 6-mth 1-2-1 mentoring programme is not for you if:

  • you want further yoga asana training 
  • you want to learn more about yoga philosophy
  • you want someone to do the work for you


ONLINE IMMERSION – Clarity Business Sessions for Yoga Teachers 

This is 1-2-1 session designed as clarity call 2.5 hour long. If you need to make a solid plan or gain clarity about what and how you need to achieve your goals – then this is a perfect session for you.

We will focus on 1-3 topics in your yoga teaching business that you want clarity on and would like to move forward from an embodied wisdom space. We will use embodied deep listening (Inner Relationship Focusing) to help you connect with your business alignment and clarity. Recording can be available upon request in advance. 

Your investment:

2.5 hour session – £210

You can book your ONLINE IMMERSION session via my calendar: HERE


In the meantime if you would like some regular support you can join me on Facebook in our free FB group: Teaching Trauma Resilience Embodied Yoga for Social Impact 

Contact me via email: and tell me about your situation and what you need support with.  You can schedule a free consultation to discuss how we can work together best HERE

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