Yoga for trauma

yoga for trauma, trauma recovery, embodiment


Yoga for trauma and resilience 

I specialise working with clients in private sessions recovering from the effects of trauma, stress and illness using integrative approach and bringing together various modalities to work in compassionate, holistic and needs-led way.

In our sessions I use different practices to teach you how to self-regulate and cultivate inner sense of stability, safety and self-trust, on your mat and off your mat.

I use mindful embodied yoga, yin yoga and mindfulness, somatic movement, breathwork, embodiment practices and Embodied Listening (Inner Relationship Focusing).

Sessions can be done online via Zoom or in-person in my home studio in Ramsgate, Kent.



If you are interested please book a free 30-mins consultation call with me via my calendar

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yoga for trauma, yoga for stress

Here are some words from one of my students:

“After going through a very challenging and painful period in my life, I felt truly blessed to find that Aneta was, quite literally, on my doorstep.  I had already been working hard on my emotional health and well-being; having undertaken extensive research on self-healing from emotional trauma AND I am now firmly of the belief that it was I who manifested Aneta into my life.

I signed up for Aneta’s 3-month yoga + coaching programme in January 2017. Her studio in Ramsgate is warm, welcoming and extremely calming to the mind, body and soul.  These fabulous qualities are simply Aneta, a wonderful human-being.  Her knowledge and, moreover, her wisdom is both pure and infectious.

If you are reading this testimonial whilst going through a challenging period in your life (and lets face it, the whole world is right now) then it is time to do something about it.  Take 100% responsibility for it and take the action required. Whatever you are going through right now and however hard you may think it is, Aneta has the tools to give you so that you can take the reigns of your life and live it with purpose and joy.  Why?  Because YOU needs you to AND so does the world”.

Dawn Pepin (2017)