Yoga Business Mandala Mentoring Group



6-month Mentoring & Coaching Group Programme

for Yoga Teachers & Therapists, Coaches & Bodyworkers

who want to share their passion, experitse and build their own WHOLEHEARTED & THRIVING BUSINESS 


Are you struggling, pushing and surviving in your business?

This mentoring and coaching programme was created by me in response to what I hear in so many mentoring and training sessions from yoga teachers/therapists/coaches – how difficult it is to earn money from their work, how lonely it feels and how much of an on-going struggle it is.

I see so many practitioners struggle daily and some even quitting teaching altogether. I find it very sad because our world really needs yoga wisdom.


Are you a yoga teacher/therapist/coach who is doing ‘all-the-things’, running around teaching many classes and seeing clients but not seeing clear results and feeling on a verge of burnout?

Do you wonder whether you will ever be able to create a lifestyle you want from your work?

Do you wonder if you are ever going to be able to ‘make it as a yoga teacher’ and maybe you should get ‘a proper job’?


How would it feel to learn how to create your wholehearted business that brings consistent students/clients, allows you to make a big impact as you support your community, and creates financial independence for you?


This 6-month Yoga Business Mandala Mentoring Group Programme is for Yoga & Movement Teachers, Yoga Therapists, Wellness Coaches, Bodyworkers and service-based practitioners who are ready to share their experience by doing what they love and become leaders in their community.

Get insightful training, on-going support, put the right systems in place and scale to create a business that is aligned with your energy, your rhythm and your nervous system to create financial independence and move from inconsistent £1-3K to consistent £2-5K months.

This mentoring programme brings together a high level of support, accountability and results.


NEXT intake date: 5th September 2022

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Mastermind Group for Yoga teachers, coaches, wellness practitioners

How would your life and work change if you had consistent students/clients and consistent income in your business? How would it feel to stop the feast & famine as well as burnout cycles and instead enjoy what you love doing most?

This is what you can achieve in 6 months with a lot of business training, ongoing coaching, mentoring and support with accountability, and personal development focused on creating your own Wholehearted Thriving Business.

How will your business look in 6 months time depends on your beliefs and the resulting actions you take.

Would you like support and community to create something unique and impactful for your community?


This group is for women – and as women we know the power of cycles and the price of burnout we pay when we don’t honour these cycles.

That’s why this Yoga Business Mentoring Group is build on bringing together yin & yang energies – a feminine energy – one that is intuitive and collaborative with compassionate boundaries, AND masculine energy – with focus on strategy and creating a clear path for our big visions and a positive and healing impact in our communities.

And everything we do we will be checking against our body wisdom and nervous system responses. Because you can do anything but not everything is right for you, your nervous system regulation, your life and how you work best.




  • FOUNDATIONS for Your Wholehearted Business:
    • Mindset + Beliefs
    • Productivity Structures
    • Know your numbers
    • Your Vision for your Yoga Business
    • Your Heartfelt Mission
    • Your Aligned Business Model
    • Plan your next 6 months for results + Long term plan
  • PART 1: Clarity about Your Specialised Unique Offer
    • Your Expertise
    • Your Embodied Story
    • Your Specialised Answer to a Heartfelt Problem
    • Your Signature Offering/Programme/Course
  • PART 2: From inconsistent to consistent students/clients
    • Grow your Tribe Strategy
    • Attract New Students/Clients Strategy
    • Nurture Your Tribe Strategy
    • Simple Systems for predictable results
  • PART 3: Build your confidence, deep self-belief and self-trust
    • Nervous system regulation for business success
    • Working with resistance and inner saboteurs – Safe Protectors – Inner Critic, The Imposter, The People Pleaser, etc.
    • Working with Embodied Wisdom Allies




  • We will work together over 6 months and we will be honouring our work-rest cycles – We plan for 90 days but work in 6 weeks of focused proactive action followed by 2 weeks integration, rest and planning for next cycle. This helps us to coinnect iwth our own rhythm and achive consistent results without burnout. Our cycles run alongside term-time dates so if you have kids or you work with parents/teachers/carers you already work in those cycles.
  • A Zoom Call 1-2-1 strategy and planning session at the beginning of your 6-month programme to help you identify where you are and what you want to achieve in 6-month programme.
  • Weekly plan and tracker of our actions and results – for accountability, learning and focus on ‘data not drama’.
  • Daily Mindset and Focus Diary – to help you work with your beliefs and help focus on what you can do
  • Weekly 60-90 mins Mentoring & Coaching Calls for implementation, support and accountabilit
  • Access to Private FB group for ongoing support and community
  • Modules with Video training Masterclasses for you to follow and implement




This programme is for you if:

> You want to build a sustainable and wholeharted thriving business on your own terms where you can serve your community without burnout.

> You feel it’s time to take your work to a next level to serve AND build a financial stability for yourself and your family. You might have a dream/vision for your business and need to build systems and have support + accountability for as you create and build your business. 

> You have a schedule of classes and clients but you are tired and struggling AND you know there must be a better way to work and do what you love, and you are ready to show up and learn.


This programme is not for you if:

> You are just starting your business and need to put in your first business foundations in place – If you need help with setting up your business foundations I offer 6-month 1-2-1 Mentoring Programme – Find out all info HERE

> You still need to fill in your first couple of yoga classes and find your feet teaching them.

> You want to learn how to teach trauma-informed yoga. If you want to train as trauma-informed yoga teacher I run regular CPDs and 80-Hr Trauma-informed yoga & Embodied Resilience teacher training courses – Find out all info here: HERE



Still not sure if this programme is for you?

Book your free call with me HERE and let’s talk



Your Investment:

Invest in Full – £960 – You can purchase it HERE

Invest with instalments – 6 monthly payments of £160 – You can purchase it HERE



in addition to the group programme it also includes 12 x 1-2-1 mentoring/coaching sessions with me:

Invest in Full – £1990 – You can purchase it HERE

Invest with instalments – 6 monthly payments of £332 – You can purchase it HERE


Please note there are not refunds for this programme and when you sign up you commit to pay the full amount. Over the past few years I have been a part of many group coaching programmes and mastermind groups and I know first hand how expensive they can be. This is why I kept the price for this 6-month group lower to make it accessible for yoga teachers. I know you can get your investment back during this programme when you engage in the programme and follow shared strategies.