Gentle Yoga and Mindfulness for Those Living with Cancer



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Class is run by donation by Aneta Idczak

I am delighted to be hosting a weekly gentle Mindful Yoga and somatic movement class for people who live with or are recovering from cancer. For many years now I have been working with and supporting women (and men) who have been diagnosed with different forms of cancer.

This class is very close to my heart because I lost family members, close friends and students/clients because of cancer. I know many people who have been affected by different kinds of this illness. I know how important a holistic support is for those who are recovering from their treatments or continuing living with cancer disagnosis.

One of my inspirations for this work is Vic who passed last year following her own journey following the return of her illness. It has been a privilege to meet Vic who came to practice yoga with me at my yoga studio whilst going through her chemotherapy treatment in 2014. She was very weak in her body, but kept a positive outlook.

Vic worked hard on maintaining a positive outlook on life and stayed empowered through her journey. In her recovery she used many different approaches – yoga, mindfulness, counselling, hypnotherapy, reflexology, ect.

Vic felt that she needed to nourish the whole of her – body, emotions, mind and spirit, and take an active part in her healing process and caring for herself. She created her own support team, which allowed her to fully re-connect with herself and her needs.

Please feel welcome to join us – whatever stage you are – at the point of diagnosis, during your treatment or at the recovery stage. This class is offered by donation to help you in this difficult time in your life.

with gratitude


Aneta and Vic

Aneta and Vic in November 2016 at anetai yoga studio 4th Birthday Party, Ramsgate, Kent

Testimonials from other participants: 

Before going to yoga classes i was a bit nervous as after my cancer treatment i was definitely more stiff than i ever have been and worried that i wouldn’t be able to keep up with everyone else. My insecurities kicked in and almost didn’t go. But i pushed myself as i knew it would be good for me mentally and physically.

Well I’m so glad i have because nearly 2 months later I am more flexible than i was and as for being worried about others theres no need. We are all different shapes sizes and strengths. Ive learnt not to compare myself to others in all other aspects of my life so why not fitness too. The only person you end up hurting is yourself by pushing too hard. Go at your pace and not someone else’s. This is for me and i realise that now. Everyone is so lovely that attends and the teacher Aneta is a wonderful soul. She understands everyone has their own limits and helps to readjust you should you need it. Amazing classes and will definitely recommend x

Katie H, 2017

anetai lotus

I’d been thinking about doing some kind of exercise but nothing too strenuous where I might do more harm than good, when my daughter told me about a new class her yoga teacher was setting up for people who have had cancer. “Will I have to wear a leotard?’ was my first thought. ‘No’ said my daughter, ‘people just wear loose comfortable clothing to yoga, you’ll be fine.’ So off I went. Aneta and Vic were most welcoming. “Would you like a warm drink, it’s a chilly day?’ – that was much appreciated.

We start with ‘mindfulness’, this clears your mind of other thoughts and gets you listening to your body so then you can concentrate on the moves. Aneta explains things brilliantly and always adapts postures for different levels of flexibility. It’s not competitive, we each focus on doing our own best. At the end of the session we sometimes stay on for a chat.  When I walk out of the door I feel calm, relaxed and refreshed.

Joy, 2017