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Soften, Release and Restore 

Soulful Self-care in Movement and Stillness 

Exploring the Real Meaning of ‘Me-Time’


Dates:  Saturday 12th October 2019

10am to 4pm 

Numbers are limited 

(vegetarian and vegan lunch included)

Venue: The Quiet View

Peace Sanctuary Retreat

Kingston, Canterbury


Seriously… why should we learn how to slow down, soften the body and quiet the mind?  

Doesn’t body already know what to do to release chronic tension and restore fully? 

Doesn’t mind already know how to clam down and quiet? 

Don’t emotions know how to self-regulate? 

Yes, they all have those natural abilities. 

But many of us are not skilled in listening to our inner somatic experience and what our body and whole experience are saying.

Our fast-paced way of living is triggering a modern epidemic of stress, exhaustion, various chronic conditions and chronic tension. 

This day is about slowing down, releasing tension in your body, calming your emotions and mind, and restoring your sense of wholeness and integrity. 


Take take time to slow down, pause and soften.

Re-connect with nature and your natural rhythm.

Practice embodied mindful yoga and somatic movement with the focus on release, and creating ease and space in your whole being.

Turn inward and notice your experience as it’s unfolding moment by moment.

Move your body with breath, kindness and curiosity.

Restore your inner calm and a peace of mind.

Re-connect with a quiet space within you and your Body Wisdom, that inner wisdom that is best heard in our quieter moments.

Re-connect with a simple joy of being here. 


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During the day you will:

  • Settle within your body with embodiment practices
  • Practice gentle embodied mindful yoga
  • Practice guided Body Wisdom (Focusing) and learn what it means for you to take care of yourself
  • Share your insights in a circle (only if you want to)
  • Have a lovely lunch 
  • Spend time in silence (journal or simply breathe) 
  • Practice yin yoga (often called ‘a quiet practice’)
  • Finish with long Body Wisdom to experience joy guided session.


When you attend you’ll also receive:

  • a voucher for £10 for Thai Yoga Massage Treatment
  • Pdf resource: Simplify your home practice 

Special offer: Bring a friend and you both pay £60 each only 



FULL PRICE (from 1st October): £75

EARLY BIRD Sacred Pause Yoga Day Retreat

Contact me if you’d like to chat about these day yoga retreats via email: 

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Testimonials (12)