Private Yoga Sessions


My 1:1 practice with Aneta is having a remarkable impact in my life. Over the last year the effects have rippled out into every corner of my daily routines. She has encouraged me to take small incremental steps that are challenging and realistic. As a busy working mum the thought of getting up earlier was a ‘no no’ last year, and the idea of feeling my core after 2 big babies seemed almost impossible.

I am happy to report that I have reconnected with my tummy, I am now practicing yoga daily before I wake the kids up, I eat less and I sleep more deeply.

Aneta has helped me reignite the fire in my belly and create the inner peace I have longed for. I have more clarity, gratitude and fun and the best bit is, I have created more space to enjoy myself! Samantha Lewis, Ramsgate

Private Yoga Session is focused on your unique needs and tailored to achieve specific and deepest results.

Yoga is a very personal journey. We are all unique – we have unique body, past experiences, lifestyles, work/careers, fitness. Working in a private session allows all those individual needs to be addressed, something that is impossible in a group class.

In Private Yoga Sessions we work towards your individual goals, allowing you to grow at your own speed and addressing any concerns.

You will receive resources (pdf, audio meditations, yoga practice sheets, practice videos) to help you create or further build your home practice suitable for your needs and requirements.

Each week you will receive homework specific for your needs.

You will:
>> strengthen your body
>> gain more flexibility
>> increase your range of motion
>> improve your sense of balance
>> increase and deepen your breath
>> create more ease and flow in your body
>> learn how to calm your mind and nervous system
>> get more clarity of mind and focus
>> learn to bring more compassion and loving-kindness for yourself and others
>> deepen your connection to your inner wisdom


Is Private Yoga session suitable for you?

YES! It’s suitable for anyone who’d like to deepen their practice.

You can decide that you might benefit from working with me on a One-to-One basis to allow for full attention to your individual needs and requirements. My teaching style is inspired by alignment-based teachings as well as by ‘Real yoga for real people’ principle. I meet you where you are – working with your needs and abilities, following your intention and motivation for this practice.

One to one sessions are beneficial if:

• You are new to yoga and feel it would be more comfortable for you to start your practice with more attention to your individual needs. Some students start with one to one sessions and then move on to regular group classes

• Your work and family commitments clash with regular classes and you just can’t fit it in with the studio timetable but you still want to practice in a safe way

• You have a health condition or injury that would make it difficult for you to participate in regular yoga classes. My approach is mindful and therapeutic, based on the principles of viniyoga, always working with your needs.

• You are attending regular yoga classes but want to further develop your practice and understand how your body works.

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Private Yoga Package – Terms and Conditions apply. 

The most beneficial way to work with yoga is to commit to a programme of Private yoga & mindfulness sessions.

3 x 1 hour Private Yoga Sessions – £135 

6 x 1 hour Private Yoga Sessions – £250

10 x 1 hour Private Yoga Sessions – £405 

You can share your session with one friend or partner at no additional cost.

Yoga 1-2-1 Sessions