Yoga Classes in Ramsgate

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Winter term 2018 

Monday 29th October to Saturday 17th December – 7 Week Term


All classes are currently run at:

Anetai Yoga Studio, 82 High Street, Ramsgate. 

Classes need to be paid for a whole term in advance OR as drop-in price for individual classes (subject to available spaces). 

You will need to sign up for a specified class – same each week.

Classes are kept small – max 10 participants and allow a lot of teacher – student focus.


Yoga classes in Ramsgate: 

Monday 6.30pm – Yoga with Mindfulness Foundation Class (suitable for complete beginners) – FULL 

Monday 8pmYang & Yin Yoga Class (Dynamic flow + Yin – for beginners + all levels)

Wednesday 9.15am – Yin Yoga Class – FULL 

Wednesday 6.30pm – Yoga with Mindfulness Foundation Class (suitable for complete beginners) 

Saturday 8am – Flat Belly Yoga Course (Core Work Yoga – suitable for beginners + all levels)

Saturday 9.30am – Yoga with Mindfulness Foundation Class (suitable for complete beginners) 


If paying for 1 class per week: 
7 weeks term £56   (£8 per session) 

If paying for 2 classes per week: 
7 weeks term £98   (£7 per session)

Yoga Course 7 weeks



Drop-in Individual Yoga Class (subject to availability) 
£10 per session 

You can pay online for an individual yoga class with Aneta but please check first that there is available space in your chosen class as some of our classes are fully booked. Text Aneta on 07543973841 

Drop-In Individual Yoga Class with Aneta

There is some flexibility, as I know that life can come up with unexpected challenges. If you are unable to attend your regular class and let me know in advance (at least 24 hours) you will be able to attend another class during that term (subject to available spaces).

No transfers of money or classes to next term. 

No refunds available.

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Not sure which class is best for you? 
Find more info about each class here:

Yoga with Mindfulness Foundation Class (for beginners) 

with Aneta 

Each session starts with Mindfulness Meditation practice while you lie down on your back in Savasana (corpse pose). Class consists of easy flowing sequences with mindful and somatic movement with focus on breath and present experience; inspired by alignment-based teachings as well as by ‘Real yoga for real people’ principle. Allows you to slow down, re-connect with yourself and get rid of your stress. The class uses various yoga equipment for alignment and support, and ends with Restorative poses to bring healing and regeneration. Suitable for complete beginners. 

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Yang & Yin Yoga Class (Dynamic flow + Yin – for beginners + all levels)

with Aneta

Strong and sweaty vinyasa practice inspired by Ashtanga tradition to raise your internal heat and build your strength and flexibility – energising and uplifting – for the first half of the class; Followed by Yin poses with staying for up to 6 mins in each pose, practicing awareness and softening into the experience – often called a ‘quiet practice’ – introspective and deep, focussing on stimulating meridians and increasing flow of energy and healing. A wonderful combination of strong and soft/passive asanas in one session – to bring balance and vitality into your body. Challenging class suitable for all levels.

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Flat Belly Yoga Course (Core Work Yoga – suitable for beginners + all levels)

with Aneta

A unique course based on Yoga and Pilates practices to strengthen your core. The practice uses a series of deep abdominal exercises to connect with deep muscles in your belly and back. We will use breath and movement to build your muscles and strengthen your nervous system. And work towards flatter bellies! All levels.

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Feldenkrais Method Class (suitable for beginners)

with Maria 

Class run at the studio on Tuesdays 10am.

Restful yoga (otherwise called Wise Yoga) is a 90-minute class. It’s a gentle yoga class influenced by the Feldenkrais Method. This is a class specially tailored for the wise 50+ (but anyone wise is welcome). In this class we move gently to get rid of stiffness, pain and aches, lubricate the joints and improving balance. Good posture is also another component in this class, if we learn and understand how the body is designed to work then we also learn how to stay out of pain, especially back pain. At the end of the class (half-hour) you have a special treat i.e. Yoga Nidra. This is a meditative yoga practice where you do nothing but lie down and get in touch with your inner-self and teacher. This is a very nourishing practice where you give yourself permission to let it all go and deeply relax.

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Yin Yoga Class (suitable for beginners + all levels)

with Aneta 

Yin yoga is a meditative physical asana practice that focuses on stimulating the meridians, which are energetic pathways in the body. We will stay in the poses up to 6 minutes, practicing mindful awareness and softening into the experience. Yin practice, often called ‘a quiet practice’, is introspective and deeply healing. We will use the props where needed to support your practice. Suitable for all levels. 

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Kids + Family Yoga Classes 

with Amanda

Classes for kids and parents who are part of home education. Great fun for both kids and parents! 

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82 High Street, Ramsgate,

Kent CT11 9RH

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