Monthly Yin & Yang Yoga Workshops


I have been attending Aneta’s classes and workshops for nearly a year and have gained a great deal even though I have been into yoga for many years. I especially like the workshops when there is a chance for more personal support and extra information on lifestyle, diet, etc. and how Mindfulness fits into daily life. Aneta is always careful to carter for a diversity of students making sure everyone works within their own capacity in safety.  Namaste.    Phillipa D, Ramsgate, 2015

I love attending the Yin & Yang Yoga monthly workshops with Aneta. Creating time to have a few hours with like-minded people is essential for me to manage my busy life.  Without it I get resentful, frustrated and gradually worn down with the daily routine of school runs and my busy workload.  I enjoy the seasonal themes she offers which allow me time to prepare my body for changes in temperatures and stretch parts of my body to support these transitions.  Making time to simplify my life and nourish myself means that I can be there more for my kids, my husband and family and friends.   Sam L, Ramsgate, 2016 

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HeartWise – Partner Yoga – Yin & Yang 


Sunday 25th February 2018
10am to 12.30pm 

This month you will take time to connect with another in your yoga practice. We will practice poses and loving-kindness meditation.

Bring a friend or your partner, or come on your own and we will pair you up with another. Time to enjoy your practice together.

This very popular workshop is a lot of fun! Join us for a day of exploration and exploring how your relationship with your body changes when you connect with another person.

“A great work out and so much fun. I laughed a lot! Maria W. 

‘Amazing workshop! So much fun! When can we do it again? Christine H.

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Managing Stress in BodyMind – Self-Myofascial Release for Relieving Pain and Tension in the body

Sunday 25th March 2018
10am to 12.30pm 

  • Are you experiencing a lot of aches and pains?
  • Is your body feeling constricted and tense?
  • Are you feeling stressed out and overwhelmed?

Then it’s time to slow down and pay attention; time to learn how to learn to relieve pain and tension; time to relax and let go; time to fully re-connect with your needs.

It’s amazing how much pain and tension we can hold in our bodies. When I worked in Social Care and had to drive a lot and work on my computer for hours and I had a chronic pain in my left shoulder. I had a lot of shiatsu and osteopathy treatments to release that pain. It all helped a lot but the pain kept coming back. It wasn’t until I learned ways of using balls effectively to connect with my body and release that chronic tension myself that the pain went.

Learning about my body – how it moves, it’s points of tension and how to release them, what movements and practices help – made a huge difference to the level of ease I feel in my body, and therefore in my life. I love the techniques you will learn and use them regularly in my own practice. I also teach them to my one-to-one clients.

Come and join me for a morning of learning about your body. We will use massage balls to connect deeply with your body and relieve pain and tension. We will use gentle flow movement, Pranayama, Mindfulness meditation with yin/restorative poses and embodiment practices to calm and reconnect with your inner guidance.

You will take time to come back to yourself and fully connect with who you are in the moment – bringing qualities of acceptance and allowing to however our experience is in the moment. We will use these deeply restorative practices to help us renew and nourish from the inside out.

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BodyMind Thrive – Spring Detox – Yin & Yang 

Sunday 22nd April 2018
10am to 12.30pm 

The turn from Winter to Spring is a time for detoxing in yoga and Ayurveda. It’s a time to simplify your self-care habits and re-align with the direction of your life.

Join us for a deep practice including bhavana (visualisation), dynamic yang yoga and softening yin practice. We will share some detoxifying juices and teas after the practice.

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Flat Belly Yoga – Yin & Yang 

Sunday 27th May 2018
10am to 12.30pm 

Join us for a workshop bringing together the unique mix of yoga and core work to strengthen your core and belly.

You will connect deeply with your core and learn simple moves and asanas to strengthen your posture and realign your body. You will connect with the fire in your belly and work towards creating a stronger and flatter belly.  A morning of dynamic flowing vinyasa practice with a focus on building strength and flexibility in your core, followed by yin and restorative practice to nourish and regenerate.

The workshop is run following the great response from Flat Belly Yoga 6 week course run by Aneta at our studio.

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anetai lotus

All workshops take place @ Anetai Yoga Studio, 82 High Street, Ramsgate 

Yin & Yang Yoga Workshop

£25 per person 

10% Early Bird Discounts available when paid one calendar month in advance

Booking essential – for more info and to reserve your place please contact Aneta on 07543973841 or 

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